Dumbocracy, sexism and Sarah Palin

The white Confucian attacks on Sarah Palin are sexist. Confucianism is the state ideology that says the most educated elite males should govern. The typical official appointed by Confucianism passes an exam, not an election test.

Governors Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger were body-builders before becoming governor. Sarah Palin won a beauty contest before becoming governor.

Sarah Palin had an underwhelming college career and then went into sports broadcasting. Ronald Reagan went to an underwhelming college, became a sports broadcaster and then governor. Reagan went on to become a two-term president and the most popular president of living memory at that, according to polls.

In other words, before the arrival of Sarah Palin, dumbocracy had already set standards by which we could evaluate Sarah Palin. If Sarah Palin is not a threat to become president, given the historical record of U.$. selections, the reason is sexism.

True, some people would also have opposed Reagan, Schwarzenegger and Ventura, not just Palin, but these same people tend to be the ones who also wish dumbocracy on other countries. Those spouting the merits of dumbocracy should learn to live with reality, and not try to have-it-both-ways. We at MIM have the right to criticize all four candidates Reagan, Schwarzenegger, Ventura and Palin, because we do not support majority rule instead of minority rights. We support minority strategy. In contrast, people who support dumbocracy should take responsibility for its results; otherwise, female versions of Ronald Reagan become excluded from government — sexism.

We at MIM hold that the vast majority of Amerikans are exploiters, and so naturally we have no forward-looking hopes for dumbocracy or majority rule. The most excitable critics of Palin do not put MIM’s analysis into implementation and the result is an incoherent melange. The deluded should stop trying to deny who the labor aristocracy votes for. Otherwise, the deluded will create double standards.



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