Sarah Palin’s troopergate and psychology as pseudo-science

The media is speculating on how various scandals cooked up against Sarah Palin have impacted her decision to resign the governorship of Alaska. The supposed scandal over troopergate and Sarah Palin is another example of how the media is misled by its penchant for psychology. The scandal involves the impossible situation where the former spouse of Sarah Palin’s sister is a state employee who Sarah Palin had to discipline.

No one denies the trooper tasered an 11-year-old. There are also allegations of domestic violence by the trooper.

In reality the whole situation is no-win. The media has tarnished Palin for use of power for “personal benefit” in the case; even though, Sarah Palin’s sister is potentially losing out on child support benefits because of the policy. However, MIM is darn certain that had Palin not gone after the trooper, the same media would have said, “and she trivialized domestic abuse and child abuse, even in her own family, the heartless bureaucrat.”

The fact is that Amerikans just cannot think in that situation in general. They think about persynal psychological motivations instead of right and wrong, not to mention sociology. What happens against Palin in campaign mode in the media is what happens to ordinary lumpen in courts on a daily basis. That’s why it is important to crush psychological thinking. Some people will be protecting the trooper for the wrong reasons in this situation and others will be thinking that Palin should have gone after the guy for the wrong reasons. What is important is what the policy should be and forget the psychological motivations.



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