Palestinians lead in anti-Amerikan poll

Only 5% of Palestinians think the U.S. Government treats them fairly while 87% believe that Uncle $am abuses power to get them to do what they want. 67% of Palestinians also have no faith in Obama to “do the right thing.”(1)

A similar result arose in Pakistan, with 6% saying the U.S. Government treats Pakistan fairly while 90% say not.

Kenya and Nigeria demonstrate the highest false consciousness, with 72% and 68% approving of Uncle $am respectively. India is evenly divided 45% to 47%.

Mexico and $outhern Korea were the two places other than Muslim countries where over 80% believe that Uncle $am abuses power.

This survey result fully vindicates MIM’s approach to class struggle. While the Zionists and neo-conservatives fixate us on getting lipstick for Iranian wimmin and imposing pornography and out-of-wedlock births by force of arms, the stupid Western Satanists and other militant materialists falsely believe that the Muslim countries are more backward than others. The real issue is anti-Amerikanism. Among countries with 50% or more believing the united $tates plays a negative role in the world as a whole, all four are Muslim. It goes to show there is no road to anti-imperialism that does not get the Islam question correct.



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