Why this web page sucks

Because of MIM’s effectiveness, the imperialists put Barack Obama and the counterrevolution in the White House. As predicted, the Democrats shut down our website that was garnering over 100,000 readers a month. This became necessary because MIM had exposed Obama’s involvement in lynching and covering up Bush and Clinton administration political problems.

This website is a poor substitute for the original; even though, it features the same writer and editor.
1. The links from other readers on the Internet are all gone.
2. Because links are destroyed, we also have no placement in search engines, where most readers came from.
3. This website does not have all the articles of the old website, only the most recent ones; whereas, at the old website new articles easily linked to old articles for a cumulative effect.
4. This website is technologically inferior.
5. The attacks from the Democratic Party included at my place of work and thus my ability to fund this work has been cut back.

Lately, we refer readers to a partial archive of old etext cell MIM articles. This is also inadequate for several reasons. The work of the etext cell conducted after the split of MIM into cells was lost:
1. All MIM Theory was online for free.
2. All coverage of the 2008 election was online.
3. The strategy and tactics page was more up-to-date.
4. There was an Asian-unamerikkka page
5. Several index pages are out-of-date


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