Colonialism defined

MIM does not refer to all ethnic conflicts as colonialism. Most ethnic conflicts in the world today are not colonialism, the direct rule of one people by another.

An often-cited example is Tibet. However, Mao allowed Tibetans into the Communist Party and Tibetans headed the communist government there. Whether or not Tibet was part of China or vice-versa or neither is an ancient ethnic question.

In the case of I$rael, we have the most blatant example of colonialism left in the world. Palestinians conquered since 1948 cannot partake in I$rael’s political system and they also have no state of their own. I$rael controls Gaza and West Bank commerce, water and airspace. It’s the neither-fish-nor-fowl nature of the Palestinian condition that makes it colonialism.

The Obama administration is an example of a pro-colonial administration, because it hired Dennis Ross and has unbreakable relations with I$rael. When the British left Boston and then the Carolinas in the American War of Independence, Americans did not end their fight with the British, but somehow the I$raelis expect Palestinians to be different and cheer the I$raelis for having left Gaza. So in the year 2009 we have a colonial mentality afoot, supported by the Obama administration and Congress.



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