I$raeli rejectionism and U.$. diplomacy

When Obama chose former Bush Sr. and Clinton Mideast diplomat Dennis Ross, Obama took a step into defending colonialism. Ross’s outlook is how to negotiate with a colonial power, as-is. He served as the details man for negotiations with Arafat at the end of Bill Clinton’s second term, and as such he admits he earned the title of “Israel’s lawyer.”

The essential notion of Dennis Ross at the State Department and now the NSC is that the existence of a Palestinian state is not non-negotiable. Left unstated is that Palestinians can neither have their own state nor a vote in I$rael’s. So ending colonialism is a matter of finding something to give the I$raelis, who are entitled to fear for their security according to Ross. There has to be a reward in it for the I$raelis or colonialism will continue.

Just scanning the past two days of “Ha’aretz” reveals that I$raelis are intransigent on settlers; do not see Turkey as a legitimate partner for negotiations with Syria anymore and do not want to discuss Jerusalem. In fact, there is Jewish building going on in the Arab sectors of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, there is an interesting dance over Iran going on at the same time. According to Obama flagship the Boston Globe, the president of Iran took the unprecedented step of disagreeing with the supreme religious leader by appointing a first vice-president.(1) In addition, according to Iran, McCain, Lieberman and others calling for sanctions did just back down somewhat from more strident positions, in a win for Obama. (2) Obama also re-assured the Iranians that the United $tates is on track to leave Iraq by 2011.

Such actions in response to the Iranian peace overture fit in with Dennis Ross’s idea of approaching each state with only local interest questions. It is a strategy for how I$rael divides the Islamic bloc. To cover up U.$. war-mongering, Hillary Clinton now says Iran is “incapable” of responding to U.$. overtures.(3)

The fact is that the Iranian president offered Obama open diplomacy multiple times and Obama turned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad down.

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