Nice going counterrevolutionaries V

Or, how egotism leads to national chauvinism in practice in the imperialist countries

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It would have been the greatest blunder in communist history, but the Obama campaign was not a mistake. Rather than blunder it was an historic victory for counterrevolution. Although the rollback of the French Revolution and then Napoleon involved more blood (with this point in Obama’s administration as the comparison point), the Obama campaign has reached a higher number of people and a greater percentage of the planet than the counterrevolution in Europe. It remains to be seen whether the setback will end up being that crucial delay which prevents the introduction of socialism and thereby dooms the species to an early death.

“USA Today’s” web page front page says this on July 24, 2009: “Obama’s soaring popularity has significantly boosted attitudes toward the United States in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.”(1)

It goes without saying that with the left-wing of parasitism line, Obama was going to cement relations with Europe. Labor aristocracy solidarity translates to geopolitical unity of all the imperialists except possibly Russia.

No thought came from the Avakian zombies about how the Third World utilizes contradictions between the United $tates and Europe, as in the Palestinian example. No such thought occurred, because the left-wing of parasitism trudges on for 50%+1 or even 90% of the Amerikan population’s support and the counter-insurgency experts in DC eat it up. Obama is all about uniting the exploiters.

Across the world, mostly the international petty-bourgeoisie identifies with Obama to “do the right thing in foreign affairs” more than Bush Jr. in the 2008 poll. Numbers range from a 21 point bump in Poland to a 79 percentage point bump in Germany. It is in Europe, where the Black man Obama has done the most for U.$. image, a clear indication that the Obama phenomenon is bourgeois, not racial. As we said during the campaign, Obama won on a straight-up exploiter basis. Readings are up 78 points in France, 70 points in Britain and and 64 points in Spain– a clear indication that Obama has won the global labor aristocracy back to U.$. leadership.

Despite his family roots in Kenya, Obama received one of his lowest bounces above Bush there, 22 points. Depending on the question asked it appears Obama made no headway in Palestine, Pakistan and I$rael. Furthermore, to be down only one point in I$rael from George W. Bush shows how too much is made of Obama’s anti-colonial credentials. The difference is statistically insignificant, just as there is just about one percentage point’s difference among George W. Bush, Obama, Avakian and Kasama on the Mideast in practice.

At the same time, the false consciousness in Kenya is plain in that it is the only country with a majority other than the United $tates and I$rael to approve Obama’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Obama can take credit for the Kenyan people’s move into the U.$./I$raeli column.

Nigeria supported Obama with 49% to attack Afghanistan with more troops, and 21 countries had majorities opposing the United $tates. It is the MIM line in line with the global majority of opinion and it is the Kennedy/Obama-Kasama/Avakian left-wing of parasitism supporting the outmoded U.$. imperialism.

In eight Islamic countries, Bin Laden outpolled Bush in six, tied in one and lost in Lebanon. However, Obama outpolls Bin Laden in all the Islamic countries except Palestine. (Palestine also has higher polling for free enterprise than Europe; although, Pew does not explain that the reason is that the national bourgeoisie is under U.$/I$raeli blockade in Palestine.) There is no good reason for the people of the oppressed nations to support the U.$. imperialist Obama instead of the national bourgeois Osama Bin Laden, except in the minds of Trotskyists and other apologists of Western colonialism.

Pew Research summed up its own poll of 27,000 global citizens this way:

“The new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, conducted May 18 to June 16, finds that confidence in Barack Obama’s foreign policy judgments stands behind a resurgent U.S. image in many countries. Belief that Obama will ‘do the right thing in world affairs’ is now nearly universal in Western countries, where lack of confidence in President Bush had been almost as prevalent for much of his time in office. In France and Germany, no fewer than nine-in-ten express confidence in the new American president, exceeding the ratings achieved by Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel in their own countries.”

“In Asia, optimism about Obama is almost as extensive with 85% of Japanese and 81% of South Koreans expressing confidence in the American president, and only somewhat lower percentages expressing that view in India (77%) and China (64%). In Brazil, 76% have confidence in Obama, as do most Argentines (61%), despite their generally skeptical view of the U.S. as expressed in this and earlier surveys.”

“Even in some countries where the U.S. remains unpopular, significant percentages nonetheless say that they think Obama will do the right thing in international affairs. In Egypt and Jordan, sizable numbers have confidence in him — 42% and 31% respectively. This represents a three-fold increase compared with opinions about President Bush in 2008. But in Pakistan and the Palestinian territories, ratings of Obama are only marginally better than the abysmal ratings accorded Bush.”

Congratulations, lying sacks of shit at the RCP=CIA: your line and strategy led to the greatest improvement in imperialist ratings in history.

Here is what Avakian said to justify his dovetailing with neo-conservative attacks on Iran and other Islamic countries:

“What we see in contention here with Jihad on the one hand and McWorld/McCrusade on the other hand, are historically outmoded strata among colonized and oppressed humanity up against historically outmoded ruling strata of the imperialist system. These two reactionary poles reinforce each other, even while opposing each other. If you side with either of these ‘outmodeds,’ you end up strengthening both.”(3)

This was Bob Avakian’s justification for raising up religion as the de facto principal contradiction in the “religious extremism” or “fundamentalism” formula. He sought to tarnish both Osama Bin Laden and Bush as religious extremists, the way the imperialist petty-bourgeoisie tries to stand between the imperialists and the oppressed nations. Avakian along with the Anton LaVey generation of Bay Area produced people — Tani Jantsang and Redstar2000 included — took up the favored line of Zionism and a conspiracy to lynch yours truly. Avakian used religion as a basis to attack exploited people, where he could not do so via a straight class or national line, since his constituents were both higher class and oppressor nation relative to the people he wanted to attack.

It is clear to anyone who is not an egotist; it is clear to any progressive persyn capable of self-criticism that the Obama campaign strengthened U.$. imperialism, the outmoded. Fearing polarization caused by Islamic militants is reactionary. It is in those countries where Islamic militants do best where false consciousness regarding U.$. imperialism is lowest. The reason for that is largely the piss-poor quality of Western Marxism that led to Islam’s taking over the vanguard status in anti-imperialism. Communism faded so greatly thanks to mechanical and contemplative materialists who took it over that Islamists came to the proletariat and said, “we are going to be open bourgeois, unlike those communists, and we are still going to do a better job opposing oppression.” And, alas, for our generation, this has been the truth, that the Islamists are right. To this day the phony communists of the West are in lockstep with the neo-conservatives, Satanists and other philistines in joining attacks on the most war-stricken sectors of the Third World.

The RCP=CIA/Kasama leaders of the left-wing of parasitism have a long history of spreading delusions, a long history of being immune to data. They have served as the vanguard of racist and nationalist reaction, ranging from attacks on bussing of Black kids in Boston, kicking gays out of bookstores, smearing Asian-Amerikans for being good for only “statistics and accounting,” siding with Phyllis Chesler, Rice and Cheney on Iran — and at best in all these cases doing half-assed self-criticism only to fail to understand the real underlying problem of racism and national chauvinism that leads to supporting civil liberties for the mafia but lynching of the real communists. After a decades-long record like that, the only place left for these have-it-both-ways hacks covertly working for the Democrats was the White House.

Egotism leading to defense of Amerika

While George W. Bush governed as he thought appropriate, Obama came in on a persynality cult built with a record amount of bankers’ money. In a previous article we showed how that persynality cult eclipsed all the leaders of Latin America in their own home countries.

Egotism in the imperialist context leads to national chauvinism, inexorably. Obama never tries to make Amerikkka look stupid, because he himself would be involved in looking stupid. His hands are tied not by Amerikkka, but by his own egotist ideology. When Latin American leaders criticized him, he said he did not want to be criticized for things that happened when he was a child. What’s good for Obama is good for Amerikkka.

Egotism is the wrong attitude for the international communist movement. To evade persynal responsibility, Obama leaves the impression that people his age and younger are not oppressors and exploiters on a global scale, just as exploiters always try to tell the exploited. The Avakianites never understood that individualism plays no progressive role in the rich countries, only in countries overcoming absolute emperors and certain feudal rigidities. In fact, by giving the world a new emperor to look up to, Obama plays a profoundly negative role among those seeking to overcome feudal vestiges. The implicit theory behind the Obama persynality cult is the same old Trotskyist approach of telling the Third World to wait for their more advanced brethren, when it is being done with superstition and passivity that is key for overcoming feudal leftovers. The Black bourgeoisie such as Henry Gates supporting Obama just never took an international proletarian outlook on what sending a Black man to the presidency via Trojan Horse in the communist movement was going to do outside the United $tates.

Their version of Jacobinism and the real one

The lying sacks of shit in Avakian-spawn organizations do not lie to the Democratic Party leaders they get their office space from. They lie to the international proletariat and that is the difference between a counterrevolutionary professional and a revolutionary.

Since childhood, liberals learn that they should lie low and avoid scrutiny so that one day they can rip off their shirt and underneath will be the Superman “S” for super-liberal — in the White House, Supreme Court or parallel position of power. These liberals fail to stay progressive and advance in politics because they lie too low to learn anything. Nonetheless, for them and all the obtuse of the majority strategy dogmatically adhered to, Jacobinism just means secret careerism and joining in the old boys’ network.

Real Jacobinism means standing with the minority in a principled way to advance history. Real Leninism means vanguard leadership. It means adopting minority strategy, not have-it-both-ways.

The local manifestations

If we go over to the “New York Times,” we see that the most serious of the bourgeois journalists are not prepared to evaluate Obama in an international political light. Stanley Fish joins in bolstering Obama’s phony anti-racist credentials:

“The problem is again the legitimacy of a black man living in a big house, especially when it’s the White House. Just as some in Durham and Cambridge couldn’t believe that Gates belonged in the neighborhood, so does a vocal minority find it hard to believe that an African-American could possibly be the real president of the United States.”(4)

Soon we will be hearing that I$rael is the only country other than Kenya to support Obama’s sending more troops to Afghanistan, because the other 21 countries polled have a problem with a Black man in the White House. In other words, the New York Times is busy selling newspapers to its Democratic partisan subscribers.

Thanks to the Avakian zombies’ long-time resistance to not labelling exploiters “masses,” Gail Collins at the New York Times now points to Obama’s mass line:

“The president spent an hour the other day with seven fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee who weren’t happy with their leadership’s legislation. Then he turned them over to the entire White House health care team, which sat down with the Dogs and negotiated a plan to create an independent commission to set Medicare rates.

“This cost-containment commission now appears to be a centerpiece of the administration’s health care goals. I am a positive person, so I like to believe that this was not sheer desperation but rather the slow rolling out of an incredibly subtle plan to trick Congress into thinking it’s calling the shots.”(5)

So now we have “from the exploiters to the exploiters” practiced as mass line by the egotists who never let up in their pursuit of 50%+1, no matter where they are.

The Obama campaign has delivered the single greatest blow to class struggle in history. The mistakes of a thin layer of badly deluded zombies and their conscious counterinsurgency leaders translated into an historic blow thanks to the record global population and its domination by the U.$. media in an ever-shrinking communications and transport world. By comparison, past counterrevolutionaries operating by Trojan Horse in the communist movement, such as Khruschev and Deng Xiaoping had no such reach as Obama. Even the coalition that rolled back Napoleon while expending great blood and treasure did not have the global reach that Obama does today.

See also,
3. This quote has appeared on Avakian’s home page for his newspaper at the past couple years. His party is busy pretending Obama is not from his organization or line, but that is part of spreading false consciousness to the Third World, because the Democratic leadership and CIA know the truth.



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