Protests against Iran prepare way for U.$. rule

A thin layer of privileged people took to the streets to protest against Iran this week. The movement started at the United Nations, where film and music stars and other Iranian exile demonstrators on average 20 times richer than the average Iranian drew attention to a female icon and called for “freedom” for Iran. The demonstrations obviously took advantage of protests in Iran and the assassination of Neda.

Although no doubt some at the UN demonstration would have said they did not ask for Obama to do anything, the fact is the actual effect of the demonstration was to seize U.$. media and rile up hatred against Iran.

The wave of demonstrations against Iran continues those funded by Cheney, Rice and covert operations that included the RCP=CIA. The only difference is that the demonstrations in Europe occur across a backdrop of new U.$.-European unity created by Barack Obama.

MIM is not for theocracy, but unlike the rich lackeys of U.$. imperialism and the parasite phony communist parties that fawn on them, MIM is not deluded either. At this time, the theocracy in Iran and its tens of millions of supporters do more to oppose imperialism than all of the Western humyn rights and pseudo-Marxist movements combined.

Something we activists who intend to support the international proletariat need to learn is that we do not aim our protests against more advanced social movements. First outdo the Shia militants stemming from Iran in defeating imperialism: then, organize demonstrations against theocracy in Iran for being more backward than you, not before. One has to understand the political context one is in. At the moment, the Islamist-led sectors of the Third World show the least false consciousness in the international proletariat, because things have sunk that low for the secular parts of the movement. To get back on track, secular social movements need to have MIM Thought leadership on questions of nation, class and gender. At the moment, these secular movements are blinded by their racism and national chauvinism that make them more backward than Hezbollah, Hamas and the theocracy in Iran.

Search this article for signs of proletarian stirring against Iran. You will find demonstrators in the rich countries, and a whole 30 from southern Korea, a borderline rich country.



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