Allegorical update

1. We are currently in a situation that has happened many times before, where the United $tates has to evaluate its diplomatic hand and try to remove cards from those not in the White House administration. There occurs a game of bluff and counter-bluff regarding what cards exist or do not exist.

In this context Joe Biden says Russia has recently weakened: “Biden said domestic troubles are the most important factor driving Russia’s new global outlook.

‘I think we vastly underestimate the hand that we hold,’ he said.”

MIM does not get involved in this. If the White House does not have CIA and Defense analysts who can tell them the value of various geo-political constellations and if the White House does not know how to listen to the accurate analysts and how the dots are really connected, we do not believe the international united front benefits from boasting. An accurate analysis would have expanded on MIM’s “Grander Bargain” that we offered, not cut it back. Nonetheless, we’re not going to “go there.” From long experience, we know it does not pay to try to sell an executive on analysis. There is simply an inherent weakness in capitalist leadership structures.

I do think it is true that Russia historically leans Democratic like the European labor aristocracy. There are certainly indications in the media that the rulers see Obama as soft on Russia in particular.

2. I would like to acknowledge again a number of maneuvers within the old boys’ network to give me a shot at a political career. There was even covert action on the floor of the House on my behalf. Nonetheless, I regard myself as more of a proven substance than the people I’m being asked to trust. For this reason, I believe change can just happen if people are serious about diplomacy, which in the end, is not a partisan affair.

3. In the asleep while walking department,

“Clinton said of the North Koreans to ABC News earlier this week. ‘And maybe it’s the mother in me or the experience that I’ve had with small children and unruly teenagers and people who are demanding attention: Don’t give it to them, they don’t deserve it; they are acting out.’ As a final tweak, Clinton declared Thursday that ‘they have no friends left.'”

I don’t know if this illuminates anything for anyone or not.

4. Speaking of plumbers, Megan McCain clarified on Joe-the-Plumber that he is a “dumbass” who “should stick to plumbing.”

5. The day after I raised the question of the CNN/actual world? typo regarding Obama’s birth certificate, the New York Times ran an editorial with a headline on typos and disqualifying candidates. Here in the United $tates we are weenies about a lot of paper-shuffling rules. If Obama went to the government to ask for a driver’s license in 1979, he would not have received it with a birth certificate dated 1964.

6. Let me admit that I’m not working on politics full-time and can’t imagine doing so till sooner than late September.


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