Mea culpa on the media

I’m usually the first to cross-check social data against social data. In the case of the party identification of the media, I took self-report seriously and went along with the surveys saying there is no Democratic Party bias in the media. That was my mistake.

The media may have jumped on the Monica Lewinsky story way more than it should have, but that is something the media does with all sex stories, in order to make money.

In the back of my mind, I knew it was impossible for the type of college-educated people at the top of the media to be Republicans, even if they say they are for polls’ sakes. There just aren’t enough people able to write a sentence that could be Republicans in the media. We can know that from looking at party identification at elite universities and by major. Some like myself will also find out that surveys show Republicans extinct at our alma maters, so we should question the surveys showing Republicans not extinct in the media.

That’s not to say that someone covering potholes in Idaho or Oklahoma local newspapers is not a Republican, but the likelihood that real Republicans play much role except in business decisions is exceedingly low for real national politics. Even worse, the people who should stick to theater and restaurant reviews will also be from the “humanities” majors tending to be Democrats — and they will end up deciding issues of national politics.

It’s clear from practice that the national media is in the Democratic Party tank. Some will say it’s the Republicans’ own fault for not having any appeal to intellectuals or literati. I would add that the deck is stacked, because Republicans would not put up with the low salaries of teachers or journalists. However one places the blame, one needs to know the truth.


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