Where is the NRA? Henry Gates III

I did a search on Google News and found no articles about the NRA and Henry Gates. I did find this joke in a regular Google search: “NRA Backs Professor Gates!”(1)

The way the 2nd Amendment and 4th Amendment in the “Bill of Rights” are supposed to work together, Henry Gates’s friend should have had a shotgun and then we’d see how long the cop Crowley (a Satanic conspiracy name if ever there was one (2)) would have stuck around to pin a tyrannical disorderly conduct arrest on Gates at his own house.

Had Gates blown away the uninvited cop, he only would have followed prior legal precedent, sofar unmentioned in the press full of narrative-discoursing journalists uninformed about the law. A jury found Baton Rouge man Rodney Peairs not guilty of even manslaughter for killing a Japanese student visitor Yoshihiro Hattori, who asked for directions to a Halloween party.(3) That idea of “king of the castle” is found in cases across-the-country. Ooops, except that journalists and politicians conspire to act as if police are not subject to the same law and we know it does not count for white people anyway.

Had Gates asked Crowley to leave before killing him, Gates probably would not have had to pay $650,000 in civil case costs as in the Yoshihiro Hattori case. But in a fair world, Gates would have killed Crowley first, asked questions later and maybe had to pay a civil case penalty.

The Henry Gates case proves the racism of the Republican Party, which usually does whatever the NRA asks. In this case, Republicans are falling over themselves to side with police. Michigan House Rep. Thaddeus McCotter is asking Obama to apologize for calling the arrest “stupid”(4) as are other House Republicans. Meanwhile, Democrats do not even bother reciting cases or statistics and offer us post-modernism on story-telling of individuals, in order to make systemic racism appear to go away. It’s tag-team racism with both parties missing the mark but reinforcing each other.

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