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Daily update

August 31, 2009

1. Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi visited with Libya in the wake of the Lockerbie suspect’s release to Libya.

He attended a road opening and the Italian air force gave Libyan leader Qadaffi a salute.(1) The event was significant in showing that Berlusconi was not adversely affected by the Anglo uproar over the Lockerbie bombing.

2. President Sarkozy of France has moved to cut bonuses to the financial industry, support restructuring of the G8 and end the reserve status of the dollar.(2)

3. Russia is taking the MIM line on Stalin in World War II, the handling of Nazism in the ex-Soviet Union and the nature of the national question/ethnic cleansing in the region.

Not really a high-ranking government official but nonetheless influential, Igor Panirin says the United $tates may be headed for a big crash in 2010. An aesopian speaker of diplomacy, Panirin says, “Obama has the mentality of a social worker.”(3) This is an aesopian admission and threat on Russian coordination with my lynchers.

Readers will notice that recently a certain pro-Gorbachev hack and Democrat local to Ann Arbor when I was appeared in an article next to Fidel Castro’s articles,(4) which is significant because Castro and Gorbachev headed “communist” parties with fraternal relations at the time of my lynching.

My enemies have already admitted on the Internet to carrying out a “doctors’ plot” against me. That’s a joke with reference to Soviet history.

4. “A few days ago The Guardian published an article by journalist Mark Weisbrot where he asserts that the coup in Honduras has exposed the division between President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”
Lazaro Fariñas,* “Hillary and Her Tripping up of Obama,”


To my ex-girlfriends

August 31, 2009

To my ex-girlfriends:

According to the Aesopian buzz in the U.$. and English media, politicians and reporters are speaking with you about me. Meanwhile, I don’t speak with you. It could be all COINTELPRO-style confusion being spread by the Democrats or it could be that you are being tracked down by reporters and politicians.

In late summer 2007, the I$raelis made a death threat in public against an ex-girlfriend of mine — from 18 years back. In 2008, there were also death threats against family members I hardly ever see.

This is a typical situation of Liberalism, where “freedom” is freedom for some to oppress and exploit. The oppressors take advantage of the situation where it’s unwise for me to have a girlfriend or contact with an ex-girlfriend.

Now, as you know, communists are not the sudden object of media attention and nor are major parties usually interested in us either — not even for our sex lives. So you should be wondering if someone approaches you, what is the real motivation?

The real motivations have to do with high-stress political events, including my witnessing events leading up to 9/11.

The major parties are rehearsing with you what to say about me, because the lynching never stops. It goes from one racist event to another in which I am not given a procedure, but in which the oppressors are allowed to change their story.

The Democrats are threatening me via my medical records. They say they want to spin a certain story. They have been spying on you over the past 20 years. The fact that they even know anything about my medical records or sex life is proof. Don’t be sucked in. They use their spying on you to go to you and raise questions in the hopes of changing the subject from lynching, 9/11, the dollar bubble and other topics.

The lynching is done and over. It can’t be taken back. There was no procedure for it and getting nosy with my girlfriends of the last 20 years does not change that. There is no reason for my friends to partake in this ongoing criminal conspiracy against my civil rights.

Joe Kennedy

August 31, 2009

Joe Kennedy is a logical choice to succeed Ted Kennedy in the Senate.

The only thing we will say about him is that he intervened politically to kick MIM out of office space we paid for, while across the street the RCP=CIA and the Tibetans had theirs. Yep, Massachusetts has had a problem getting beyond the left-wing of parasitism. We were too radical.

Ted Kennedy has received eulogies from Gordon Brown as a “great internationalist,” from Nelson Mandela for opposing apartheid early on, from gay/lesbian groups for being “absurdly” early in support and from various Brits saying Kennedy was behind the Irish peace agreement.


Nelson Mandela backed Libyan prisoner release

August 31, 2009

The alleged Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi held in Scotland earned the support of South African Nelson Mandela, who played a central role in lobbying for his release.

Libyans have argued that the facts of why al-Megrahi is innocent have not come out yet, but apparently it is a delicate question of international relations.


New York Times crap about the MIM

August 31, 2009

The “New York Times” is throwing around insinuations about the MIM to benefit the Democratic Party.

When MIM broke into cells, the Prison Ministry functioned. However, it had no MC head. There was no other original MC involved other than yours truly. Other cells out there had their own websites and arose independent of the original MC cell, as we had long advised.

Others had long since stopped activity including distribution or dues-paying. I was in charge of the website for MIM till the Democrats shut it down. The people who shut it down were working for Obama and rewarding a lynching.

Repeat: I have been the chair of the MIM, the persyn in charge of the web work, and the one who did almost all of the newspaper distribution including prison distribution the last several years. There had been a prison group doing mailings, but it was cost-ineffective and its members dispersed, some to other countries.

The breakup of MIM into cells was done publicly with articles on the web page explaining each step along the way.

The Democratic Party accepts people of whatever views, including the view that there are no exploited workers here. That does not make them MIM. You’d have to be pretty obtuse not to see the difference.

Infiltration tactics

August 31, 2009

Now I must explain infiltration tactics of secret services and particularly a subvariant called “third party infiltration.” The infiltration requires at least two events, the second of which is much harder to pull off.

1. The trigger event should have the following characteristics:
a) It should be a negative scandal separating the two people.
b) The scandal should not be so bad as to incapacitate the target for the second event, say by death or life imprisonment.
c) The target should be suitable for use in government or a scandal helping someone else into government.
d) It is recommended that the trigger actor be or become a lawyer.

2. The follow-up event(s) should have the following characteristics.
a) It connects the two people of the trigger event to a scandal in the high reaches of power.
b) It comes many years after the trigger event for seasoning and credibility reasons.
c) It pushes in a positive direction reversing the negative vibe of the first event except where coercion is necessary. The possibility for push in a positive direction is made more credible by the trigger event, provided the target goes along with the positive push.

The payload came later. Typical payloads include getting the trigger actor onto the Supreme Court, where security clearances are lower than for say Defense. The other payoff is to get the afflicted into the high reaches of power.

If the trigger event were too close to the follow-up event, it would be too obvious and not credible. People would realize that the first scandal was just for credibility reasons. It is the passing of many years that leaves open the possibility for fudging and confusing of audiences.

Now of course, in public there is the fudge factor. I urge you not to fall for discussion of my 20 years of sex life or non-sex life or other ad hominem attacks which only prove that my attackers know something from a criminal conspiracy against my civil rights anyway. Nor should you accept any post-hoc rationalizations, discussions of my academic performance or sexual performance intended to humiliate etc. The infiltration gambit requires only two events by the attackers and the rest is irrelevant — all of it.

I have not gone along with the infiltration gambit, and hence am now a target for civil rights violations.

Ask yourself why the Democrats F* up the Mideast peace

August 31, 2009

After recent stories that a Hamas trade of I$raeli prisoner Schalit for Palestinian prisoners was imminent, Hamas has now reported to several sources that it is not. Apparently I$rael will only commit to releasing 450 prisoners, not the second 550 on a timeline.

The breakdown comes in the midst of charges against Olmert, destruction of my emails by the Democrats in the past 24 hours and a fraudulent lawsuit brought by a bailout recipient against me since the time of Obama’s inauguration. That’s not to mention that my website has been downed by the Democrats since January.

Geez, I thought the Democrats had better things to do. Apparently not. Still, George Mitchell is a well-informed persyn. He knows the British side of things, not just the MSNBC corporate view with the DNC as its corporate subsidiary.

Meanwhile, “The South African government supports all international efforts to find lasting peace and security in the Middle East.” We hope the South Africans push hard. After all, the situations are quite similar. There was a lot of resistance for change in South Africa too.


Awwweee, Democrats and Zionists are upset are they?

August 31, 2009

1. Democrats again threaten to lie about my medical history. Awwe, just because I said I would not take any active steps toward a Democratic career?

All it will do is prove that there is a conspiracy. Lynching is judgment without procedure. There was no procedure and there’s nothing you can do about that now. You want to draw attention to yourself, you go right ahead “New York Times.” It’s called criminal conspiracy against civil rights.

2. My email was attacked as well today — with emails destroyed.

3. Today Olmert became the first premier to be indicted with anything, let alone the specific economic crimes charged.

“News of such investigations was a constant backdrop to Olmert’s three years in office. One long-running probe spurred Moshe Katsav to resign as president, a ceremonial position in Israel, while Mazuz’s office weighed evidence of rape, sexual harassment and indecent acts. Katsav was later indicted on those charges and is standing trial.”

I repeat: MIM will not be intimidated except to the point where our business is destroyed. Katsav said at the time the charges were for “external” or foreign considerations. These Olmert charges may be also.,0,7872537.story

4. The Democrats are undertaking a criminal conspiracy against my business as well.

5. Last week I mailed a letter to a Gitmo defense attorney about what the real motivations for certain aspects of the war on terror were.

Daily update

August 30, 2009

1. India is setting an example for all Third World countries–finding a way to trade without the United $tates according to an August 27 Bloomberg wire service. India plans to expand trade in the face of recession.

  • “India’s exports dropped 28 percent in July from a year earlier, Commerce Secretary Rahul Khullar said in New Delhi today. Imports fell 37 percent.”
  • “India this month signed a free trade accord with South Korea and the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations as it attempts to reduce dependence on the recession-hit U.S. and Europe, which account for 40 percent of the nation’s merchandise exports.”(1)
  • 2. Today, gay/lesbian rights activists eulogized Ted Kennedy, who opposed the “Defense of Marriage Act” of 1996 that sought to prevent gay/lesbian marriage. Shortly thereafter, the philistines at RCP=CIA also changed their program to remove gay/lesbian orientation as the only decadent one of capitalism, but not before we purged two secret RCP=CIA infiltrators for opposing gay rights. The Latino we purged never let on his support for the RCP=CIA line openly but raised out of the blue, “so what if we have to follow a white man” and raised that they did not have their own leaders.

    3. Iran said today that its own national security depends on Palestine.
    “[Foreign Minister] Mottaki also pointed out that Iran’s national interests were tied up with ‘the effort to obtain Palestinian rights.'”(3)

    4. Iran complained that a story about conventional arms shipments from Korea arose so the Zionist press could distract attention from Iranian cooperation with the IAEA.(4)

    5. In contrast with earlier polls cited in our last story on the subject, the I$raeli press now shows a wide difference in I$raeli perception of Obama compared with Bush Jr.(5) Not much has justified that, but we nonetheless hold out hope for Palestine/I$rael envoy George Mitchell.


    Daily update

    August 29, 2009

    1. I am grateful to some world famous people who sent me messages. I should have realized they were watching things for me in the Bush administration, but I did not realize it. I will not mention them the way I mentioned my gratitude to Suu Kyi and Myanmar.

    2. Four Jewish females have written aesopian messages on the Internet for me very recently, two of which know me persynally. I am also grateful for this support. Just given where I grew up and where I have been, it’s not going to be a simple matter to stereotype MIM. Jews here in the United $tates are deeply ambivalent about some of the things they have seen in Amerikkka’s course.

    3. U.S. Admiral “Mullen noted one of those failings, the abuse of Iraqi detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison, but he said the problem isn’t the skill of the communicators.

    “‘Our biggest problem isn’t caves, it’s credibility,’ Mullen wrote in the Joint Force Quarterly. ‘Our messages lack credibility because we haven’t invested enough in building trust nd relationships, and we haven’t always delivered on promises.'”

    Mullen attacked the idea that strategic communications is all that matters, not policy and execution.

    4. Yemen is having an internal civil war. We hope Yemen can reach an agreement to save its strength for U.$. imperialism and supporting the Palestinians.

    5. To my alter-ego, I have calmed down. I’m not stirring up more beyond the counter-offensive tactics already unleashed against Democrats.

    6. There is an article I find provocative at about famous politics or conspiracy novels.

    However, my life literally comes out of non-fiction. I have already dropped major aesopian hints about the whole thing. That’s enough.

    7. I gather not everyone can stop hurricanes. I’m being asked to believe that a number of chesspieces are on the board and ready to act in connection to a certain problem.

    8. I don’t know if I have been asked to do something persynal or career-wise in the recent flurry of messages, but the international united front should understand I can’t. I’m in a passive position where if Democrats want to set some things right they can.