Charge Officer Crowley with trespassing: Henry Gates IV

We call on the district attorney for Cambridge, Massachusetts to charge officer Crowley with trespassing at the Henry Gates residence. Crowley showed up at a now world-famous arrest with no invitation, no arrest warrant, no search warrant and an attitude problem typical of the police profession as it exists now.

Crowley’s well-distributed comments about “your Mama” insults thrown his way should be taken as evidence that Crowley knew he was unwanted on someone else’s property. Yet, when he found out he was unwanted, instead of leaving, he had time to make a “disorderly conduct” arrest, after obtaining Gates’s ID. The fact that Crowley took his time to conduct a disorderly conduct arrest should be taken as evidence of trespassing.

The 50%+1ers — a.k.a. the Democrats and Republicans including the covert Democrats like “Kasama” and Bob Avakian — are all going to handle this problem in a typical cultural fashion totally unconnected to applying the law, because they are all pandering to the white “working class” majority, not seeing to the legal rights of minorities. Even Ann Coulter(1) refers to “white working-class cop” Crowley. (Karl Marx wrote that cops and journalists are not part of the working-class, but we humor the discussion for universality purposes.)

Colin Powell has now chimed in to tell oppressed nationalities to adjust to their oppression by not questioning cops.(2) It’s very disturbing that someone who held a cabinet-level job in the executive branch responsible for law enforcement holds such views, that would have been considered high treason in the American Revolution, but MIM has long said we do not live in the United States of America. We live in a United $tates of Amerikkka, to which Powell holds an odd, but well-paid loyalty.

Included in the pandering crowd is now Henry Gates himself who says he did not want to distract from Obama’s healthcare effort. “There’s reason to hope that many people have emerged with greater sympathy for the daily perils of policing, on the one hand, and for the genuine fears about racial profiling.”(3) Henry Gates has blown this case and invited further attacks on oppressed people by backing off and framing it as “racial profiling” instead of just standing for civil rights. Not all racism happens via racial profiling.

The most dangerous situation for cops is being called to a house where one occupant is in an altercation with another. Yet, the 50%+1ers pandering for Hollywood-fed votes continue to work off the myth that Robocop was going to save damsels in distress from men breaking into their house. For this misconception that cops run in without backup to save the day, millions are supposed to endure endless deprivation of civil liberties.

Charging Crowley with trespassing would send a clear message preventing similar post-hoc arrests by cops covering their asses and going on the offensive when they know they’ve done something wrong. Ironically, convicting Crowley of trespassing would also do the most to ensure the safety of cops being baited into unsafe situations for the benefit of deluded politicians and their lackey media. Neither occupant at the Gates residence wanted the cop there, a situation worse than intervening in domestic violence.

It is especially incumbent on those favoring gun control instead of the highest law of the land in the Bill of Rights to support charging Crowley. Otherwise, the gun control people are the ones leading the movement to adjust to tyranny. It’s a bad joke to picture such an arrest in American Revolution times, with men equally holding muskets in hand. Those who do not want matters to come down to muskets in hand — with whatever weasel words they use to “interpret” the Bill of Rights — should be in favor of the creation of police forces to arrest police. If law enforcement would spend 20% as much on arresting cops as arresting the general public, we would suddenly find many bullshit arrests cutback. These arrests cost people time and money and often occur to cover cop ass. A couple good convictions for conspiracy against civil rights and cops would settle their self-interests through new procedures.

The current financially difficult time is a good time to start spending money to cut back on bullshit arrests. Some officers will quit rather than give up their status privileges, and police forces will improve by such measures. Establish a well-oiled machine of cops arresting cops and put that in the Bill of Rights as an amendment, and perhaps some people would give up their gun rights in the national march to living in a surveillance society.

Equality under the law is an impossible concept for individualist Amerikkka. It requires group-level thinking which is simply absent despite the written legal words on paper. If Gates should have been arrested for disorderly conduct as Ann Coulter implies, then Gates himself (and not just a cop unless one buys the mistaken notion that there is a separate law for cops) should be able to wait outside Ann Coulter’s house, wait for her to shout for any reason and then arrest her for “disorderly conduct.” Contrariwise, if Crowley was not trespassing, then neither is anyone else: Welcome to the National Socialist United $tates of Amerikkka, where we have socialism for the rich bankers who gave Obama campaign money, and where Gates’s property is Crowley’s property.

True, Crowley vs. Gates is an intra-bourgeois fight. Yet, Lenin warned us communists that we would have to get involved in intra-bourgeois fights as “tribunes of the people.” We can use them to train the proletariat in logical thinking. It is unfortunate that Obama and Gates chose this struggle to conspire against the rights of oppressed people, for his own career benefit in the case of Obama. Gates’ statement sympathizing with the “perils” of policing is also typical of have-it-both-ways necessary to the oppressor and exploiter, who is after all seeking to latch onto the back of the exploited.

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