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The Obama administration’s Gitmo prison in colonially-held Cuban territory took responsibility for the death of a prisoner. The prisoner reputedly strangled himself while under suicide watch on camera — a very suspicious story befitting a very suspicious prison set up with impure motives that the public has not been told about.

The prisoner died June 1.

The Islamic world is being taken for a ride by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The Boston branch of the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild (NLG) were spreading false rape rumors against me as late as 2005 and helped sabotage my defense in my trial for arrest at the Democratic Convention. This fact is not at all irrelevant to the fate of Gitmo prisoners.

All those arrested at the Democratic Convention in 2004 were Asian-descended, but Ann Coulter says Boston police are not racist. (If there are three yellow marbles in an urn of 100 marbles, the chances of randomly drawing two such yellow marbles in succession under conditions of replacement of the marbles after each turn is .0009 or less than one tenth of 1%.) What is worse, the federal government witnessed my arrest at the Democratic Convention in 2004, including destruction of evidence, and did not arrest the Boston cop who destroyed the evidence. No thought went to, “if the Boston cop did that in that situation, what other evidence in what other situations did he destroy?” If we thought the Bush Jr. administration would have been reluctant to tangle with Boston Police concerning the Democratic Convention, the Obama administration has also not remedied the situation, which applies to untold numbers of wrongly convicted people. Then again, the Obama administration had a hand in the rumors against me in the first place.

Thousands of Palestinians and Iraqis died from 2005 onwards to benefit an electoral card held by the Kennedy-wing of Democrats. The Democrats stymied MIM’s offensive by forcing MIM to figure out the conniving tactics of the Kennedy-wing of Democrats. Federal courts need to hear the truth for the benefit of Gitmo prisoners about the real reasons for imprisoning them.

The ACLU, NLG and others are not politically reliable enough to conduct advocacy on behalf of Gitmo prisoners, because activist lawyers are generally hopelessly pro-Democratic Party. Evidence occurs in “USA Today”:

“Jamil Dakwar, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union, said his group wants independent investigators to look into detainee deaths. ‘We have called for transparency and accountability, and now that Obama is in office, we are expecting more,’ he said.”(1)

Even Bob Herbert at the New York Times is not being allowed to break the story; although, he knows better than what the public has been told. Illusions about Obama and the left-wing of parasitism abound and hold back the struggle at Gitmo. It’s not fair to the prisoners wasting their lives there, including the ones who continue to die outright under mysterious circumstances.

It’s to the point that when we start talking about this subject, the Obama administration releases hints of an executive order to squash discussion of the prisoners in the U.$. mainland courts. The problem is that Obama took over Bush Jr.’s political debts and that is why the prison remains open and continues to generate international embarrassments for Amerikkka.

We here at MIM have requested contact with lawyers several times to no avail. On July 29, we sent a letter to Clive Stafford Smith, again on Gitmo.

A false story about 9/11 and a false story about the motivations for setting up Gitmo have plagued defense of Muslim prisoners. We still await contact with lawyers willing to go the distance: mimdown @ gmail dot com.

We urge the Islamic world to look closely at these lawyers and not assume that they have the best interests of the prisoners at heart. It will be an unusual and strong lawyer not sucked in by either Obama or Bush Jr. and also not influenced by anti-Asian racism. MIM is going to make sure the story gets out and we cannot be stopped.



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