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Today, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert criticized Harvard students for calling police on their Black classmates.(1) MIM agrees, but our position is different, because we have called for prosecution of Officer Crowley for trespassing in the Gates incident. The New York Times has not.

Ordinarily, MIM would say, “yeah, those petty-bourgeois Harvard students and that petty-bourgeois Crowley were no good.” It’s a completely different matter though when campaigners fail to attack the state first and expect students to have better attitudes. We can expect Harvard students to be more progressive than the state, but in general it’s not a good idea to expect youth to turn out different than the powers-that-be.

MIM published an article relating a study of those who witness racially-related arrests. The study related to a real life event that MIM explained; however, the article was one of those in 2008 that the Democrats found inconvenient, and so they shut down our website at etext.org. In any case, in that study, as one can imagine, it’s monkey-see-monkey-do. People who grow up seeing slavery are not the same as those who don’t and those who grow up seeing cops get away with things can’t be expected to act very well themselves.

The weak response of Obama and Gates to the Gates arrest is setting up oppressed nationalities for millions of more serious incidents down the road as proved by previous study of how attitudes form. The lassitude is all to benefit the Democratic Party’s pursuit of white so-called working class voters. 54% of whites do not think Officer James Crowley acted stupidly, and instead, 58% of whites think Gates acted stupidly. Blacks thought the opposite with 59% saying Crowley acted stupidly.(2)

Ironically, had McCain been president, the reinforcement of racism would have been less and perhaps Gates would not have been under such scrutiny before devising a strategy. Since the publication of our articles on the setbacks under the Obama administration, we have seen some elite agreement that nothing has really changed in race relations. We have also seen grocery tabloids aimed at white trash say that Michelle Obama has a “hit list,” contrary to her 1950s family image. This might help with some domestic issues, but on the whole, the international role of Obama as the global Crowley is not touched yet.

During the Cultural Revolution, we Maoists called what Bob Herbert did today, “casting the net wider while letting the capitalist-roaders off the hook.” Substitute in “main racist props” for “capitalist-roaders” and the meaning is the same. Without prosecution of Crowley, it’s not realistic to think students are going to turn out better than they do. Cambridge, Massachusetts is a firmly Democratic town and if the district attorney does not act, it’s all on the Democratic Party.

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2. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/08/04/cnn-poll-did-obama-act-stupidly-in-gates-arrest-comments/


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