Anti-Asian racism: High-tech jobs or lower admissions standards for locals?

Thanks to the Liberal media spying on my private life, and Democrats using lynching of Asian-Amerikans to prove their bona fides to whites, I’ve had to get involved in some intra-bourgeois conflicts. Lenin probably would have chided me for not making more out of intra-bourgeois conflicts on the national question, but we have tried to steer clear of identity politics at MIM and we are afraid that people cannot tell the difference between asserting correctness because of a racial identity and asserting an anti-racist struggle. I am asserting that I am correct in my anti-racist struggle, but not because of who I am.

The whole admissions of Asian ethnic students question is among exploiters in the United $tates. Nonetheless, the national question and discrimination is involved. The way this question should be framed to the provincialists is: do you want the top-paying jobs or the lower admissions standards for locals?

We have already said that Idaho Community College should stay Idaho Community College and there is no point in having Asians complain about not having footprint there. Idaho is disproportionately white and so local colleges should serve local students.

The University of Michigan is a different case. There, the administrators convinced themselves that they are heading a “world class” university. When my merit-based scholarship was abolished for the whole Big Ten plus the University of Chicago while I was still on it, but only for Asian-Amerikans and not the other three non-white groups, one administrator even fought it to no avail.

The “world class” self-label is beneficial in recruiting scholars and hence research money. Research money in turn means employment. High-paying employment is good for local commerce ranging from the hardware store to restaurants.

One does not usually think of Ann Arbor, Michigan as a job magnet, but it is, in some years surpassing Detroit for employment. Last I checked, it was Detroit 325,000 jobs to Ann Arbor, 310,000 jobs — not much difference though Detroit is much larger.

These sorts of intra-bourgeois conflicts are very similar to conflicts over trade. Sometimes one side does not accurately acknowledge what it is getting from trade, and it is hard to sort out bourgeois selfishness from racism or national chauvinism. The New York Times was active in stoking anti-Asian racism related to trade at the time I attended the University of Michigan.

Just as in their warmongering against Iran, Amerikkkans do not know when to shut up on trade. Their egotism on economic matters translates into egotism in political matters — careerism and persynality cults. Amerikkkans underestimate the benefits they receive from their international business dealings and likewise, liberal Democrats have yet to see clearly on why universities claiming to be world class could or should end up more than 50% Asian. We do not see any white liberals coming forward to say the obvious: they’re too wrapped up in protectionist views of trade and likewise lower admissions standards for locals, even in universities making a bid for top 20 status.


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