State secrets doctrine

The New York Times has now run two articles on state secrets doctrine. However, it’s not likely that the Obama administration can in anyway prevent the outing of the truth on foul motivations disguised by the war on terror. It’s not a question of just a single lawsuit but of endless cases brought before the legal system.

The international united front can take comfort in the seasoning of its own leadership to get through the Obama persynality cult. Likewise, there is no legal prospect of cutting off the truth.

What is true is that the U.$. media cheats at diplomatic cards; thereby making diplomacy less attractive to foreigners. It is well-known that I had no interest outside the Mideast peace talks; although, the media ceaselessly tries to change the subject. We are now two years beyond the initial promise of a Palestinian state within a year.

The free media idea is now a mockery to informed elites globally. Likewise, the image of determined Clarence Darrow attorneys representing their clients through thick and thin is also splattered with mud. If any of the civil libertarian lawyers were not just raising money for their organizations by talking about Gitmo or the “War on Terror,” they would have subpoenaed me or sat me down for a friend of the court brief. Instead, the vast majority of lawyers in the United $tates are suckered by Bush Jr. or Obama and the remainder are intimidated. Nonetheless, there is no way that the truth can be squelched, so I intend not to tell a story of all bleakness.

ADAM LIPTAK, “Obama Administration Weighs in on State Secrets, Raising Concern on the Left,”
New York Times, 3Aug2009.


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