Corruption discussed in Iran

Recently I discussed the relationship of a lynching scandal I am in to corruption in general.

“By comparison, Lewinskygate was also trivia. Lewinsky had no real influence on policy and was not going to get an important job that way. Yet the Lewinskygate scandal earned impeachment. The scandal I am in factors into the Supreme Court, as the third party infiltration gambit received such appointments under the old rules of lynching and such gambits.

“Newt Gingrich’s $4 million book advance was also trivial by comparison. No one can say that a high-ranking public official would not have received such a book advance, especially after providing the word bombs that elected Republicans to the majority of the House. It’s really a case of trying to blame the individual Gingrich for what is true of capitalism generally — that corporations with millions at their disposal influence politics.

I could use a government salary, but even I find the idea of being in an important job more corrupt than Lewinskygate and Newtgate combined. That’s not to mention infiltrating the perpetrator. The problem I am talking about slandered a whole ethnic group and hyped the white nation for attacks.”

On June 29, I again raised how deals between two people can have negative effects on society at-large.

Then the New Jersey officials corruption scandal broke out. Of course, this drew the whimsical humor of Gail Collins at the New York Times. Most recently, Collins and Douthat had a conversation titled “Are Liberals More Corrupt?” Conservative Douthat said both parties are corrupt, but he concluded that big government initiatives take much corruption:

“Maybe it will be worth it when all is said and done (though I’m awfully skeptical), but at the very least it seems like a cautionary tale — and one worth telling, if you’re a conservative — about how much de facto corruption it takes to grease the wheels of big government.”(1)

Currently, British and French embassy workers are confessing their misdeeds in Iran in court in connection to stirring up unrest. No one really denies that the West funds politics in Iran to change it. The worst that happens is that our fake “left” claims not to be involved when it is.

August 8th is “Reporter Day” in Iran, in commemoration of a reporter martyred in Afghanistan. The head of the Islamic Republic News Agency in Iran made a statement in honor of the day:

“IRNA Chief: Corrupt powers seek to block enlightening of nations

“Tehran, Agu 8, IRNA – Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Mohammad Ja’far Behdad said on Saturday that corrupt powers of the world have done their best to prevent enlightening of nations in order to attain their sinister goals.

“Speaking to a group of IRNA staffers, he said the role of media persons in showing the right path to people is of prime importance. . . .

“Reporting news is among most complicated and dangerous professions in the world, he underlined.

“The human society has deviated from the right path, he said while putting the blames on corrupt powers which have done their best to keep the world nations uninformed.

“Media persons are duty-bound to introduce the right path and spare no efforts to enlighten nations around the globe, he said.”(2)

In my case, I told the U.$. media what was happening each step of the way; yet, it still happened that the Obama campaign used a pre-planned lynching through the ole’ boys’ network to discredit Republican opponents and force them into a deal to allow him to be elected. We now have an example where the lynching of an Asian-Amerikan earns the reward of electing the president.



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