Fatuous budgets

Fatuous story-telling leads to fatuous politics which leads to fatuous budget-making. The July deficit was $181 billion, (1) a number that used to be for entire years not long ago. Although Barack Obama delivers on promises to his labor aristocracy and labor bureaucracy base by talking about healthcare, there are several signs that as far as the oppressed are concerned, healthcare will remain talk.

Already the Massachusetts healthcare plan serving as a model for discussion has faced politically motivated attacks on its budget. Funding for legal immigrants(2) and the poor came under attack, and if that is happening in Massachusetts, it will happen everywhere. In other words, a healthcare plan can be put on the drawing board for political reasons, but if funding is unsustainable, it’s unsustainable. As the good old days of prosperity recede, it will be harder and harder to con the world into loaning the United $tates money for its programs.

Even a “revenue neutral” healthcare bill if achieved would not necessarily be counting sources of funds that are actually available in a situation where both the private and government sectors are in deficit. Here are the top signs that Obama is not serious and just blowing political smoke.

1. If Obama really wanted to secure funding for healthcare, he would have ended the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and fought Congress for a Mideast peace. Instead, Obama has 60 senators in the Democratic Party and the war and homeland security funding goes on. Moreover, New York Times Democrat Kristoff is calling for war on Korea(3) and Hillary Clinton has just said the United $tates has “no illusions” that Iran will meet Amerikkkan warmongering demands and that new escalations in conflict are coming in September.

2. According to Vice President Biden himself, the federal government is pumping money into the state budgets as a large part of the $787 billion stimulus package: “The second-largest part — just under a third — is direct relief to state governments and individuals.”(4) Yet the Democrats were too pusillanimous to attach strings mandating a cut in imprisonment in state budgets, so the federal aid allows states to keep their prison populations pumped. Democrats received suggestions contrary and did not act.

For that matter, the Democrats have boasted a $1 billion boost in funding for local cops,(5) as if there was not enough waste already. It goes to show where financial priorities will always be with the labor aristocracy catered to by Democrats and Republicans.

The “Second Chance Act” for prisoners came about in the Bush administration because of the hammer blows of the international united front, and likewise, it will be because of fiscal conservatism made easy by disaster that will eventually force the mass release of prisoners. We are starting to see that in California with prison overcrowding.(6) The Democratic approach to boosting state budgets only delayed that day and made less money available for currently politically impossible healthcare projects.

In the short run, international class struggle will likely cause a mass release of U.$. prisoners. U.$. warmongering brought about the economic crisis and the releases underway in California. It will not be because of communist revolution or racist social-democracy that prisoners have their best short-run chances, but because of fiscal conservatism. This is something that real proletarian revolutionaries have to adjust to in the current context.

There was always a good reason MIM linked the international struggle to the struggle of the lumpen, with no regard for the exploiter majority of Amerikkka. Sometimes the imperialists have to act for international reasons, not because of voters.

MIM finds it most excellent that states have to choose between healthcare and education on the one hand and imprisonment on the other. The Democrats are blowing that with their philosophy of sending money to the states and borrowing money from the Third World and overselling the virtues of Amerika, thereby conning people into investing here.

3. The current unemployment situation on top of the previous hostility to migrant workers has driven out sources of taxes to fund healthcare. MIM already pointed out that whitey is too stupid to know that he is a disproportionate share of retirees while 40% of the people working under 40 are already not white. In other words, the age demographics necessary for a healthy economy have been further damaged.

Talking about healthcare distracts Obama’s base in the labor aristocracy and labor bureaucracy from his use of lynching and his failure to grant Gitmo prisoners habeas corpus, not to mention various war crimes. However, talking about healthcare does not make it happen. At most, Obama is talking about borrowing more money to fund middle-class healthcare for a period of time — at the expense of U.$. prisoners and Third World people.

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