71 Senators speak on Mideast

The I$raeli lobby group AIPAC rounded up 71 Senators to sign a letter to Obama.

“Such steps could include ending the Arab League boycott of Israel, meeting openly with Israeli officials, establishing open trade relations with Israel, issuing visas to Israeli citizens, and inviting Israelis to participate in academic and professional conferences and sporting events.”(1)

The Saudis are willing to do all that, but they said they want a final status plan — an idea of where it is all going. The Saudis have called the rest “obfuscation.” In other words, people take peace steps toward a certain goal and I$raelis can’t agree on how much of the West Bank to give up or how to handle Jerusalem.

The Arabs have offered a final status plan, in public. The I$raelis have not.

Meanwhile, such letters do have their effect within the United $tates. U.$. public opinion support for I$rael is rock solid, contrary to anyone thinking Obama had some secret plan to fritter it away.(2)

It makes a difference knowing what one is doing. Today we learn from a poll that 70% of Amerikkkans see Iran as “enemy.” That’s 29 points more than the next closest Mideast country, Iraq.(2) The fake communists sided with Cheney and Rice on Iran, while MIM has used Iran as an example of how the anti-militarist movement must learn and advance in the United $tates, and in fact, how the Iranian people are more advanced than any Western people.

1. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1106744.html
2. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/current_events/ally_enemy/americans_still_see_more_enemies_than_friends_in_middle_east


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