Former Prime Minister Prachanda in Nepal calls for anti-Amerikkkanism

BBC is reporting on the former prime minister Prachanda in Nepal:

“Former Nepalese Prime Minister Prachanda says Asian countries should develop a unified security strategy to combat US influence in South Asia.

“In an interview with the BBC, he said India, China and Nepal should work together to counter American power.”(1)

BBC also reported:

“Speaking at the Nepalese embassy in London, Prachanda said the emerging Asian economies should rely less on the West, especially the United States.

“He said being the sole super power, the US was trying to have a greater influence in Asia, but India and China should come together to provide security and prosperity to their people.”(1)

It is becoming clearer and clearer in the world what is anti-imperialism and what is not.

The Third World has to develop trade within itself to offset the parasitism of Amerikkka. It is not as easy as sending trainloads of goods to the United $tates with its well-oiled transportation and distribution system, but it is necessary.

Nepal is a small country wedged between China and India and for it to target U.$. imperialism is not as easy as for some other countries. Prachanda’s attitude is correct. For another day, we will have to examine why Prachanda calls himself “Maoist.” At the moment struggle against U.$. imperialism is unfolding and various lines are being put to the test.

India faces a great challenge in that anti-Islamic sentiment runs high from the daily conflicts there. This makes India susceptible to Zionist, RCP=CIA and Liberal secular humynist formulations making religion the principal contradiction. However, India should trade the most with the Islamic countries or Third World people will be sucked dry by the United $tates. For this, a new political line and attitude is necessary, centered on anti-Amerikkkanism. This will do the most to win over the national bourgeoisie internationally to the proletarian camp and also do the most to alleviate super-exploitation by the West to the degree that it can be alleviated. We must coax the national bourgeoisie to identify more with the exploited of their own countries, not the labor aristocracy of Amerikkka. Rulers in the Third World leaning to the MIM line will find this does the most to alleviate corruption as well, because the temptation will always be to make the Amerikkkan labor aristocracy rich and skim graft rather than do the hard detailed work of developing intra-Third World trade.



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