Venezuela targets U.$. influence in Latin America

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said “no” to neighbor Colombia’s seven U.$. military bases. Venezuela has complained of military forays emanating from Colombia, that Chavez calls Latin’s America’s “Israel.”

It is one thing for two bordering Third World countries to have military tensions. It’s another thing when one of those countries has U.$. military bases behind those tensions.

Although Obama has said he does not plan new military forces in Colombia, Reuters reports that 500 additional troops as allowed under previous agreement are in the pipeline.(1) Chavez has rightly cut off the fuel subsidy to Colombia over the U.$. troops.

Chavez is also struggling to end the attack of pro-dollar speculators on the Venezuelan currency.(2) No doubt it is a difficult struggle, but every country must do its share to delve into the mystery of why lackey-minded Third World businesses hand over easiest business terms to the Amerikkkans. The answer is a combination of longstanding bribery, including CIA bribery, military threats and Hollywood soft persuasion.

At MIM we take exception to the Russian Finance Minister who argued that nothing can be done about the level of acceptance of the dollar.(3)

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