Lynndie England is back

Prison torturer and sexual oppressor Lynndie England was on television last night and news announcers called her a “pawn” in a larger struggle, while she herself said what she did was the same as what happens on college campuses here — a swipe at Obama and true to a degree, but not a good thing.

England’s public appearance is inconvenient for the U.$. rulers, just as a movement in Iran is trying to claim that prisons there are “worse than” Abu Ghraib. England is trying to sell a book of hers, but her appearance at the Library of Congress ended up cancelled today.

If the opposition did prove there was prison rape in Iran against the opposition, does anyone believe the sentence would be two years and a book deal afterwards? This is an explanation of the U.$. mode of pornography.

The message is clear: torture Third World people and get a book deal; lynch someone and become president. Meanwhile, MIM has actually written columns with substantial research behind them attracting hundreds of thousands of readers a month, and we never received a book offer in 25+ years. We’d have had a much better chance getting in a plane and bombing some Third World country for attention.

One thing the rich people from the Third World need to get over is their need for Western media attention. The United $tates is the world’s prison leader, period, contrary to its claims of “freedom” ensnaring uninformed people. Claiming Iranian prisons are “worse than” Amerikan ones could only be true in terms of economics. Even if prison guards in Iran are worse authoritarian abusers than Amerikkkan ones, and we have our doubts, the Iranians ensnare a tiny fraction of the prisoners the United $tates does. People claiming Iranian prisons are “worse” prettify U.$. imperialism and delay the day of economic advance for Third World peoples.




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