Palestinian wimmin languish in I$raeli prison while Amerikans tour Iraq

No sooner did northern Korea release two Korean-Amerikans than another three Amerikans turned up in Iran. Iran said: “‘We don’t know whether they are tourists or not.'”(1)

In the shadowy world of secret services and especially secret services in occupied countries like Iraq, one never knows if an Amerikan is a hiker or a CIA agent. One thing we can know for sure, the Amerikans are more guilty than the Palestinian wimmin and children rotting in I$raeli prisons. There is no question that Amerikans financed the war on Iraq, and so even hikers are not totally innocent while benefitting from the cheap oil and other forms of parasitism leaching off the Third World. There is no reason for Iran to overlook that fact.

With the I$raeli blockade ruining the Palestinian economy, some children have taken to inventing offenses against themselves to risk prison food instead of none at all. It’s time to release the wimmin and children and make sure the blockade is lifted, so that no undue economic pressure occurs.

The Amerikan government is blocking Netanyahu’s path to peace. When extremists like Netanyahu and Lieberman are in power, the timing is perfect to impose sanctions on I$rael to match those imposed on Palestine. That would be a political fillip to peace, but Obama and Congress are political wussies. Even when Netanyahu denies their every request, the Amerikans cave. It is exactly by caving that the Amerikans block the Netanyahu path to peace.

Iran should consider a new road to peace: not releasing the hikers. If Amerikans want to play we’re-just-waiting-for-Livni-to-come-back, let Netanyahu maneuver for the hikers’ release and save Obama’s ass.

MIM sees no reason that Iran should release hikers Joshua Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd(2) while Palestinian wimmin languish in prison, and I mean real wimmin, not jaded people like Lynndie England who have lived in a society with sex-for-its-own-sake so long that they can only obtain pleasure from twisted pornographic torture of Third World people. Lynndie England is every bit the oppressive male that real feminism arose to combat.

MIM agrees with the Libyan diplomat criticizing Ban Ki-moon:

“The Libyan ambassador, Ibrahim al-Dabashi, criticized the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, for not including any reference to the suffering of Palestinian women in Israeli occupation jails in his report about Women, Peace and Security.”(3)

In fact, Ban Ki-moon’s speech on August 7 regarding “Women, Peace and Security,” mentioned only African countries as guilty of sexual violence.(4) No where did he mention Lynndie England or other examples outside Africa.

True, the UN peacekeeping forces caught in abuse of wimmin were in Africa, but Ban Ki-moon’s speech covered other countries. Ban Ki-moon took the Amerikan pseudo-feminist line on sexual violence. It’s cooked up by the likes of Phyllis Chesler to disguise white nationalism in new guises.

Ban Ki-moon has had success in other areas of work and according to an Egyptian sociology professor speaking at Harvard, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Korean people were most active in solidarity with Palestinians lately. Nonetheless, we must understand the influence of David Duke, Phyllis Chesler and the U.$. media in promoting a warped view of feminism.



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