Honduras has first coup since Cold War

Honduras has had Latin America’s first successful coup since the Cold War. President Zelaya was arranging a referendum when the Congress, Supreme Court and military struck. The military kidnapped Zelaya and delivered him to Costa Rica.

Reports say Zelaya strayed too close to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela for the taste of old guard rulers. At the same time, Obama appears to have cut off the military aid of these old guard rulers.

The coup is part of the upsurge in support for Amerikan imperialism since the election of Obama. What Bush could not do to Chavez can happen through velvet counterrevolutions stemming from Obama’s honeyed phrases.

Different papers have interpreted the government in Honduras differently. Some say that acting president Micheletti is dead-set against the return of Zelaya except under arrest. Others see something else in-between the lines.

In any case, Zelaya quickly rallied anti-Amerikan support for his cause. Latin America is in good position to demand the removal of U.$. military bases, including colonialist occupations such as Guantanamo Bay. MIM is sure there is very broad support in Honduras for independence, self-reliance and putting Cold War games behind Latin America. Hopefully, the other rulers in Honduras are not as dug in as reported.



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