I didn’t hear them make jokes against the Jena 6

Somewhere there might be a “shock jock” (radio announcer) who made a joke against the Jena 6; although, with the case of Imus in the news, such shock jocks are probably becoming rarer. I have heard racist shock jocks, but none making a joke about the Jena 6 so far.

A couple months ago, the Boston radio station WAAF, 107.3 made a joke about a half-Korean while splicing in some mockery of my comments regarding my lynching. The details spliced in come from surveillance, not anything I said in public. This is an example of how anti-Asian racism is accepted in the entertainment media and Democratic Party apparatchiks running the supposedly non-entertainment media. There are many more.

The Jena 6 involved the hanging of a noose from a tree, but it did not involve any specific false rape allegation to prompt negative consequences for Blacks. However, the media came down for the Jena 6, because it involved Blacks attacked in a red state, and Blacks vote 90% for the Democratic Party. The media and Democratic Party are not anti-racist, just pro-Democratic Party.

Lynndie England just went on television claiming that her torture of Arabs was no big deal. She gains support from all those Freudian Liberals and pseudo-leftists in the pocket of the Democratic Party who think nothing of public pornography, violation of sexual privacy and sexual humiliation. It’s the same reason that redone photos of Palin in a bikini toting a shotgun are so popular — sick Liberal sexuality.

We do not hear the Pope saying anything for Lynndie England, but then these same stupid liberals wonder why people turn to Christianity and various right-wing ideologies. It’s too bad that the Democrats attacked our media so that we cannot get out a message for a real independent Left.

There are many robotic pseudo-leftists who will do something about the Jena 6, because the New York Times said it really happened. What we do not have is a real Left able to think for itself. I turned to the ACLU repeatedly over a period of years, only not to get a phone call in return. The reason is that the corporate media did not declare that my case actually existed.

Asian-unAmerikkkans must stand independently and build their own media. When it comes to sexual and white collar competition matters, racism against Asians is the greatest inside U.$. borders. Lynndie England can torture Iraqis and wind up with a book deal two years later, because there is no real politics here, no real Left in contention, just various forms of pornographic discourse. This is not a reason to become apolitical, but it is a reason to accept that there is self-reliant work that has to be done.


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