Open letter to President Mubarak

Dear President Mubarak:

The president of Egypt has the power to frustrate evil designs of U.$. imperialists and Zionists.

The imperialists have stated clearly their intention to use West Bank progress to punish Gaza. We have seen this strategy before when the imperialists divided Korea in half and Vietnam in half.

At the same time, the imperialists foment violent division in Gaza and Iraq.

We understand you would like to help President Obama. Thus far he cannot negotiate with Hamas openly, as you well understand the U.$. political situation.

We urge you to allow Hamas its role in Gaza. In this way you can assure unity government in Palestine and do the most to support Obama in Iraq. At the same time, you will defeat the widely discussed aim of pitting the West Bank’s progress against Gaza’s suffering.

With your interim assistance until a final status solution is worked out, many regional issues can clarify. No Islamic activist would succeed in standing in the way of your assistance to Palestine and I doubt there would be many trying to stand in your way.



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