Maoist strategy and Iran’s trial of spies

In my last article on Henry Gates’s arrest in Cambridge, I criticized those raising racism among the population at-large without being sure to call for punishment of the state actors involved. During the Cultural Revolution in China, we called that “letting the capitalist-roaders off the hook.” Sometimes this strategy is not openly conservative and can be ultra-left reformist. For the ultra-left reformist, everyone is a dog ideologically speaking except oddly enough, anyone in the ruling party or state. It’s a reformist or sub-reformist approach that ends up centered on lifestyle, not institutions.

In Iran, the people are digging out the roots of admitted U.$. and British imperialist programs aimed at obtaining Iranian oil and division of Islamic people. Lately, there is a movement in Iran to focus the fire on those in state power and the wealthy, not just the students and other demonstrators objecting to the election of President Ahmadinejad. “‘Some were arrested (in the protests) and some were not. Why weren’t the leaders behind this uproar arrested?’ [Ayatollah] Jannati told worshippers during a Friday sermon in Tehran, Fars News Agency reported. ‘Their arrest should be the first thing that the Judiciary should do.'”(1)

Some have called for the trial of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the leading opposition candidate.(2)

The next round of post-vote hearings is August 25.

The Iranian government has already arrested ordinary people working with the imperialist secret services. The benefit of what has happened is widespread participation. It’s not a good thing for leaders just to arrest leaders. Now there is a situation where the oppressed people of Iran can get involved and they already are involved.



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