My mistake on the Olmert offer?

I may stand corrected. I had said that Olmert’s Annapolis offer(1) to Abbas was apparently not as good as the Clinton parameters.

At least in front of Arab TV Al-Jazeera,(2) it appears that Fatah negotiator Erekat said the breakdown with Olmert was over Jerusalem. An Arab transcript said the West killed Arafat for standing firm on Jerusalem and now Abbas rejected an agreement with Olmert over a holy relic.

If true, that leaves us collecting chits for a better offer from I$rael on the holy relic. Another possibility is that Palestinians actually want a single-state solution as Islamic Jihad has consistently argued.

The single-state joint dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations over I$rael was also MIM’s position before being dragged into matters we were forced to witness. We have returned to the single-state solution ourselves. However, some matters that we extricate ourselves from in terms of doing our moral duties impact the two-state solution.

In other news, I$raeli extremists now say that they did not mean to say “Peace Now” was a virus responsible for evils along with various elites.(3) The I$raeli right-wing is debating going things alone without the United $tates according to Caroline Glick.(4)

Meanwhile support for the Arab Peace Initiative runs about 56 to 58% among Palestinians and 40 to 44% with I$raelis.(5) Obviously there is much by way of details.

We here try not to step unnecessarily on those who want two states. At the same time, we believe we can do what we have to within the one-state strategy.

3. Vice Premier and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon
“Column One: Netanyahu’s perilous statecraft,” 20Aug09.
5. Alex Sorin, “Israelis more wary of Saudi peace plan than Palestinians,”, 20Aug09.


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