Fatah-Hamas reconciliation delayed again

Although it was Egypt that originally set deadlines in Hamas-Fatah reconciliation talks, it turns out that either Egypt or Abbas have postponed reconciliation repeatedly through the summer.(1) The facts prove what MIM predicted which is that the United $tates is blocking the road to peace by not making a convincing enough push that Palestinian reconciliation goes through.

We now have a report in one instance that Abbas rejected release of Hamas parliamentarians.(2)

Meanwhile, it appears that Germany may deliver on I$raeli settlements; although, the media has not conditioned the I$raeli public to think other than that 2500 permits are going through for more housing.(3)

“Haaretz” reported the Hamas situation this way:

“The visiting [Egyptian–ed.] delegation sought to persuade the Hamas representatives to accept holding elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip even without an agreement with Fatah, and the deployment of Arab monitors in Gaza to supervise the election. Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, responded that his organization is unwilling to hold elections before reconciliation is achieved.”(4)

Suffice it to say that if true, the offer to Hamas was not serious.

Today we also have a report that Egypt seized food intended for Gaza, but Qatar stepped up to offer Hamas $10 million in aid for Gaza.(5)

Meanwhile, Erekat says Netanyahu wants to start negotiations over from scratch(6) and not pick up where Olmert left off. In other words, once again I$rael punishes the Palestinians for not taking a deal.

Lastly, Peres says that Moscow can have a summit, but I$rael won’t attend if Hamas does.(7)

In regional terms, it seems that Iran has stepped up to allow IAEA inspectors, but Egypt stepped down. This may cause some friction between I$rael and Egypt.

There seems to be a fundamental lack of seriousness going on. Asides from vindicating MIM on the need for a strong U.$. role, the summer inactivity proves the prediction of a Palestinian diplomat at Harvard that nothing will happen for five years. Cheerful articles seem intended to mask political problems for Obama and the fact that I$rael is not ready for a final status solution either. Only the slightest micro-deals seem to happen, probably mostly to buy time for Obama and exchange political favors of that sort.

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