Waving red flags at bulls: a warning on relations with the Democrats

Today, I’m going to do the unexpected and rat out Democrats to other Democrats.

I have been watching with dismay some kind of attempt to wave a red flag at me concerning five different Jewish individuals and families. However, the people waving the red flags do NOT come from the Mideast!

As I watched this pattern unfold, it occurred to me that there are three possibilities:
1. My critics don’t know the connections of these Jewish individuals and how those connections or associates are what irritate me.

2. My critics don’t realize that I know what I know and how this flag-waving going on at the moment tempts me to wreak havoc.

3. The purpose was to cause me to wreak havoc in hitherto undiscussed areas of multiple medium-sized significances.

I have concluded that 3 is the most likely thing going on with some people in the media being ignorant of the underlying situation and thinking this is just a Jew vs. non-Jew conflict.

For the most part, my articles are overinterpreted here, but we also have another problem in that silence on my part is not taken as forbearance, but weakness.

The most obtuse sector of Democrats styling themselves as die-hard Democrats but with decades of persynal investment in now-proven fallacious analysis are intentionally irritating me Alinsky-style. I have given them chance after chance to come clean and instead they push thinking that I am weak.

Worse, worser and worst, bad, badder and baddest

My recommendation to the Democrats on how to restrain certain conflicts would be to look into why my website is not up, and I would recommend solving this problem in 24 hours. My suggestion to the involved Democrats would be to rat themselves out to other Democrats, because if not, I may conclude that as others have forced me into the open, they too deserve the same for initiating conflicts. I will make quick work of the political situation.

Real communists have bad, badder and baddest relations with Democrats. It’s up to them how far they want to go. If Democrats cannot recognize reality, it becomes impossible not to end up on worse and worse terms with deluded people.

Being in a hole and getting out

Democrats need to recognize they are in a hole with me. They downed my website, gave me a scholarship I did not ask for and then took it away, messed with my persynal life and never made amends. And I gave out several chances to make amends.

I am in pre-negotiating stages with Democrats, which is why we are in a hole. They don’t seem to understand that they have never delivered anything and yet they expect my trust. It’s not going to work that way. Relations can get worse. There are plenty of medium-size questions that I have not raised but am being sorely tempted to raise by the crap happening now.

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