Hamas says working on peace, but no breakthroughs

Germany is assisting with a deal on I$raeli soldier Shalit being held by the Palestinian national liberation organization Hamas, but there is no breakthrough in the negotiations.(1)

On the other hand, Egypt announced today it is letting limited Ramadan traffic through Rafah to undertake the Muslim holidays in Mecca.(2)

Gordon Brown expresses optimism on Mideast peace.(3) However, diplomatic optimism has been ongoing since at least 1991 and the issues of Iraq occupation, occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem etc. are all still the same. The travel of the Elders diplomatic group to I$rael has not brought any deal.(4)

Back in the real world, I$raeli troops on the border of Gaza shot one Palestinian dead and wounded another Monday and then wounded another one Tuesday.(5) MIM fails to see why there are U.S. visas for Netanyahu and Barak while I$raeli troops can just go up to the border of Gaza and start firing.

I’m making self-criticism for not paying close enough attention to Mideast news. I’m just another lazy Amerikan.

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