Iran defends and counterattacks on repression questions

Iran has shut a post-vote prison where opposition members claim there was torture and rape of men and wimmin. 12 police, three prison authorities and a judge have faced punishment or forthcoming charges(1) and there is some veiled criticism as well.

The Iranians also want to set a good example abroad. They are actively countering U.$. programs with a proportionate response:

“The new law consists of a single article, which stipulates: ‘To counter the unfair restrictions imposed by the United States and other Western powers in the arena of information technology, and in order to expose the numerous and increasing instances of breaches of human rights and to defend legal trends that stand against that country’s methods, the sum of $20 million is allocated from the currency reserves fund.'”(2)

The vote occurs at a time when the Saudis are also on the offensive, with the “Jerusalem Post” noting a major academic gift to Yale.(3) Similar gifts at Harvard aim at raising the profile of Islamic society studies.

The Saudi gifts give us hope that non-intelligence sources of money will result in hiring of non-intelligence agency related scholars. Contrary to U.$. global image, major universities like Harvard and Yale have some difficulty keeping separation from the U.S. government and its allied rich country governments.



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