News on Arab-I$raelis

I$raeli Parliament member Ahmed Tibi asked President Obama to turn over 20% of all U.$. aid to I$rael directly to the Arab-I$raeli community within I$raeli borders.(1)

Recently, I$raeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has called for no Foreign Ministry hiring of any Arab-I$raelis who have not performed military service. “Haaretz” mentions only five or so Arab employees in the Foreign Ministry.(2) Lieberman calls Tibi more dangerous than Hamas and Islamic Jihad combined.(3)

These stories have provided a good excuse to point out that 6% of employees in the civil service are Arab-I$raelis despite being 20% of the population.(4)

In reading over 1000 pages of Dennis Ross on I$rael, I was struck that there was no real mention of the Arab-I$raelis. Apparently Arafat did not want to negotiate regarding them and that position stuck.

Lieberman’s positions on the internal Arab minority can be taken as coercive disciplining. For our part, if Lieberman is willing to cede 20% of 1949 I$raeli territory, in other words, proportionate territory, then the national question could be on the agenda. Offering less is a transparent attempt to discipline the internal minority, not a serious idea.



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