Atheism, party-building and united front

The “Los Angeles Times” published an article with good points on the struggle over religion right now.(1)

Before the cell strategy we adopted to break up into decentralized form, MIM did not accept non-atheists into the party. Oddly enough, the Satanists and neo-conservatives saying having the right religion is the principal contradiction are at the moment in a bloc with Castro, who admitted Catholics not just to the united front, but to the party itself.

The atheist struggle over evolution in the United $tates is a question of large numbers and is at best a question of the united front. We have shown that with an Amerikan majority that is bourgeois, it is unrealistic to build the party directly and hugely. Even among oppressed nationalities and the lumpen we will be lucky to hold our own.

So the “Los Angeles Times” tells us:

“These religious adherents often view science itself as an assault on their faith and doggedly refuse to accept evolution because they fear it so utterly denies God that it will lead them, and their children, straight into a world of moral depravity and meaninglessness.”(1)

MIM does sympathize with this point. We see it in the Alinsky followers. OK, detach someone from thinking that we have morality because our church has stood there in the community a long time and has put in the effort to figure out moral issues. Then the question becomes whether people are able to make the leap to the next level of putting something together to guide moral life on a secular basis.

MIM has already replied — not in the rich countries most of the time. That is why since the 1990s, MIM has argued with the Satanists. We’d like to see the Satanists in the vanguard party, but in the United $tates going to the public with Satanism pushes exploiters in a fascist direction. Satanism removes whatever rules its adherents might have inherited from the culture and frees them to total oppression and exploitation. Fascism is the most unrestrained and savage attack of the exploiters in a system of imperialism.

Satanism in the Third World might have the effect of releasing inhibitions against attacking the exploiters and oppressors. Even there, we should be careful to leave people a second-choice if the vanguard party makes people too dizzy. Our second choice should be the Shia and Sunni/Wahhabi/Salafi Muslims taking up jihad. Likewise, in the United $tates, many charities are not in the business of denying U.$. exploitation.

A key to understanding the correct approach to religion is understanding the global distribution of class. Making the Muslims our second choice is another way of courting the national bourgeoisie of the oppressed nations. That national bourgeoisie is absolutely critical to have in the international united front and MIM will toss every last fucking Amerikkkan from the united front if that’s what it takes to get the Muslim national bourgeoisie and the internationally exploited to continue seeing class and nation as they really are. We just can’t afford the confused voices from the Amerikan exploiters. They have been instrumental in killing the international class struggle really since World War II.

We do not need the atheist imperialists in the united front if they are going to give ideological support to George W. Bush, Zionism etc. for attacking the Islamic world as we see now. Iran is right to call for an end to double standards in withdrawing from the Islamic world. Senator Feingold is right to call for a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.(2) He also says the Senate will put off healthcare this year, because he does not want Massachusetts to rush an appointment of a Senator without an election.

Ironically, the Satanists in the United $tates have been involved in attacking the wrong Muslims. Instead of attacking the ones that are bought-off pillars of the community with no emphasis on struggle, they attack the ones doing the most thinking for themselves and saying “there is no God but God,” which is a rebellious and anti-idolatry statement.

If atheist people have control of the educational system, and that depends on money and humyn capital, it’s one thing to say, “let’s expose these smart people to the idea that they maybe they should be the ones writing religion or breaking with religion and setting up secular moral systems.” It’s another thing to go into a situation where one knows in advance that one can knock down something without replacing it.

Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum pointed out that Darwin himself did not see religion as the principal contradiction. He felt religion would whither from assault in a different direction, just as MIM does.

“Though I am a strong advocate for free thought on all subjects, yet it appears to me (whether rightly or wrongly) that direct arguments against Christianity and theism produce hardly any effect on the public; and freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of men’s minds, which follows from the advance of science.”(1)

Mao separated that sort of advance of science from the advance of class struggle science, but both will be involved before people would be able to form their own harmony without use of religious traditions.

The imperialist country intellectuals and atheist capitalists of the imperialist countries are welcome to the international united front if they leave behind the idea of religion as principal contradiction. Even if they could be combined into one contradiction, religion, pot-smoking and free love are not the principal contradiction.



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