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  • The de facto Foreign Minister of Honduras had his U.$. visa suspended August 25. He was surprised.(1) The United $tates asked for more negotiations for Zelaya.
  • I$raelis bombed the tunnels to Rafah August 25 making some Palestinians go missing and injured and killing four others.(2) That’s what MIM means by reality.
  • The FBI suffered a blow with the release of the convicted Lockerbie bomber back to Libya from Scotland. However, the FBI also picked up the right to interrogate prisoners in DC. The FBI has argued its approach to interrogations is torture-free but better in producing results than the CIA’s. Now the “Wall Street Journal” has reported on the friction between the CIA and Justice.(3)
  • Fidel Castro says the extreme right is fighting Obama because he is a Black man.

    It seems that New York City politics has taken over I$rael and Cuba. Not everything happens because Obama is Black. Bill and Hillary Clinton also took a beating in 1993 when they raised healthcare, such a beating they lost the House to Newt Gingrich’s Republicans in 1994. We cannot say that happened because Hillary Clinton was a Black man. Obama is taking a beating on this healthcare thing and he knew he would. MIM opposed it years in advance.

    Castro said: “I was amazed to read the wire services issued during the weekend about the US domestic policy, evidencing a systematic decline in President Barack Obama’s influence.”(4) MIM was not amazed. Maybe Castro should read more MIM Notes.

    While admitting Obama is conservative, Castro appears not to admit the status quo is racist and imperialist, which makes Castro the conservative Democrat too: “He neither wished nor could change the system. Curiously enough, despite that, the extreme right hates him for being an Afro-American and opposes anything the President does to improve that country’s deteriorated image.”(4)

    Castro supported Gorbachev at the time Gorbachev was in power; although he later said a few things against him. Castro is a hopelessly confused social-patriot of the CP-U$A variety. Here he is calling on Obama to fix Amerika’s image. Obama should stay on the golf course and in Martha’s Vineyard.

  • True, for some people, Gorbachev just means the Soviet Union dissolved, so Gorbachev was a good thing for Eastern Europe. Even more to the point is that they liked Yeltsin for doing in the Soviet Union. That’s understandable, but with MIM, the Palestinians and Dennis Ross, the meaning is something else. In general for the world, Gorbachev was just another phony communist, not mostly a national liberator for Eastern Europe. Since he set the economies of the Soviet block up for failure and Western loans, he was not much of a liberator either.

    The British Guardian still discusses this point. The writers there blame Stalin and Mao for breaking the bond of intellectuals to the poor, but one Guardian writer David Edgar admits the intellectuals are to blame now.(5)

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    Across from Castro’s column was an article about Menshevik fruitfly Mark Weisbrot and Hillary Clinton.
    5. Same old fallacies discussed:
    I’d say Edgar is wrestling with the MIM line:


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