Career update

I think there has been some symbolic speculation on my career in the media again recently.

As I have said before, I can’t operate from aesopian discussion on the persynal benefits question. Nothing good, only bad has ever come from it — including excuses to pass around my files. “Are we spying on you? Nah, us? We were just vetting you these past 20 years for office.”

I am baffled why they think they can wreck my business and expect that is some kind of pressure on me. It just goes to show how desperate the imperialists are and the success of the international united front.

They are talking about it, I can see, but I gave it my best already as many people know going back 20 years. Obviously Dennis Ross is also right about one thing, once you get involved in career questions, you make waves with more individuals. Who knows who wants to take or run for what office and what Obama promised various donors. When certain deadlines passed for action there was meaning to that and I cannot make waves for others or subject newly designed robots to the kind of crap that gets handed out.

The enemy should have picked someone in the Communist Labor Party, RCP=CIA, SWP, WWP — anyone who was not from a real Jacobin party and was already just a warmed over Democrat.

I recognize I should be working full time now with a better technical setup. It appears that the enemy is determined to mush together financial and political questions. My best guess why is that they seek to anger me or pressure me by keeping the financial questions in the same hopper or they would have been solved by now.

Nixon did not take the hit from the break-in at Watergate. So then there was a cover-up and conspiracy afterwards.

I’d be willing to meet someone, but I guess the problem is that I don’t have a security clearance and job with a “need to know.” So even if diplomats would like to explain something to me, they can’t.

It’s ridiculous to think that I’m thin-skinned. Think of all the ridiculous things I have rebutted over the decades. I just haven’t seen any good experience with ole’ boys’ stuff and I can think of bad motivations for why I need to be misled. Later, a handful will turn out to be in the know, and the rest dupes.


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