To My Alter-Ego

You have convinced me that we have much in common. I think you appreciate what we add to international dynamics of geopolitics. ‘Tis a pity we are in conflict. You had warned not to undertake unilateral actions, but I was not reading, but then again, that might have to do with not having enough money like other middle-class people to focus on the job I should be doing–and you would be the reason for that.

Stalin waited till the Nazis attacked him. I suppose if the Nazis hadn’t attacked, the Soviets and Germany might still be in a Non-Aggression Pact, not that the French and British did not have one with Germany first.

I’m afraid we are actually in the throes of a conflict over the actual international balance of forces. That is why some non-Mideast actors seek to kiss up to Uncle $am and collude against the Third World.

The proof is that I offered to buy the, and I had to because it was taken down, only to have no use. The same non-Mideast actors are behind that and my lynching. They knew I had plenty of other cards, but they sought to keep the Cold War afloat by keeping a Cold War card going, when it could have died in 2008.

Without that card, things could have been different, but those who love white supremacists continue to play a double game in our international united front. That’s not surprising if the country is also imperialist.

I hope that other non-Mideast members in the international united front will come up with another solution since I will not accept what they have done so far. They seem to believe it is necessary to lynch people periodically to show whitey they fit in as good whites or lackeys. This lynching originated in the United $tates before gaining the cooperation of foreign secret services. I’d rather not go through all the medium details with that, but that’s where we are heading each day.

No doubt some in the international united front have been duped. This fact makes it all the more likely that I will have to carry out the anti-Amerikkkan struggle to the end, no matter that a handful of united front partners will have their hands burned and reputations scorched.

Comrade alter-ego, show me a sign that you know the origin of this problem, and where this conflict will end up. If your point is that anti-Amerikkkanism is a Cold War concept, then of course, we cannot hope to agree. There are important things to accomplish.


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