Daily update

1. French President Sarkozy has called for sanctions on Iran and a role for poor countries in the G8. He also pointed out how he needs to solve the Al Qaeda question in Algeria.

Palestinian Fatah leader Mahmud Abbas will meet Sarkozy Sept. 4.

2. The “Christian Science Monitor” raises doubts about the “Guardian” story on Mideast peace fanned by Gordon Brown.(2)

3. Ukraine’s leadership is in the political popularity ditch. No one rates higher than 25%.(3)

The Ukrainians have played a strong role in supporting the Palestinians.

4. Larry Derfner at the “Jerusalem Post” has accepted that there’s no real Left in I$rael and draws the line at supporting sanctions on his country: “I realize that Israel has become so right-wing that it’s not going to end the occupation on its own. While I haven’t lost all hope, as he has, that the Obama administration will force Israel’s hand, I can’t help seeing that Barack Obama and his team are wilting by the day.”(4)

5. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu made powerful comments to “Haaretz” August 27: “I once met a German ambassador who said Germany is guilty of two wrongs. One was what they did to the Jews. And now the suffering of the Palestinians.”(5)

Tutu added that apartheid South Africa tried to win by force: “in South Africa, they tried to get security from the barrel of a gun. They never got it.”

Desmond Tutu also pointed out the importance of the sports boycott in unravelling global opinion for South Africa.

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