To the Salafists and others about the Shia

We do not want double standards.

The problem is the Amerikkkans. Liberalism is the political expression of polytheism. The Amerikkkans have no idea about withdrawing from Iraq and not Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Iraq war lost popularity first. However, we have started here talking about Afghanistan. Cindy Sheehan(1) and Russ Feingold have started talking about getting out of Afghanistan. The major parties in Britain have started de-escalating. This is done in a deliberate way with deliberate signals.(2)

Nonetheless, because of the way Amerikans think and no fault of the Shia there is an appearance of unevenness. It is none other than the Iranians who tell the world when they are getting a favor from the Amerikkkans that looks bad maybe to Salafists or others we usually call Sunni over here.

The Iranians have recently dealt a severe diplomatic blow to the West. Nonetheless, it appears that the official stance is that so far there is no evidence linking unrest to the Amerikan and British secret services. This can be taken as a peace overture.

I believe if the international united front had to maneuver 180 degrees we could count on the Iranians as self-sacrificing people who would lead the way, at least in this current context. Admittedly, I have read a few books about the Shia splinter, but still only have true insight into recent times. I have inadequate historical training to sense when the Shia are repeating other injustices in history in the eyes of others. Comrades, still, I have a better eye for what is going on in Iran than I did even six months ago.

In any case, because of Amerikan double standards, the Iranians have chosen to make up for the unevenness by making special contributions to the Palestinian cause, which I have witnessed. To the international united front, it is the unevenness that requires Palestine to be first in the path to liberation. We shall see the great Iranian contributions to struggle in Palestine and through this means we will unify the region against Great Satan U.$. imperialism.

With the liberation of Palestine we will continue to support the oppressed nations against imperialism. It is our hope that we can prioritize the struggle for Palestine starting with getting the I$raelis to ceasefire. Toward this end, I hope to see I$rael bow to international realities. When the I$raelis take up cease-fire, we are hoping for a brief respite of armed struggles within the Paletinian camp. We fully understand that without international pressure, the I$raelis will not stop shooting and then there will be disagreements how to proceed within Palestine.



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