Daily update

1. India is setting an example for all Third World countries–finding a way to trade without the United $tates according to an August 27 Bloomberg wire service. India plans to expand trade in the face of recession.

  • “India’s exports dropped 28 percent in July from a year earlier, Commerce Secretary Rahul Khullar said in New Delhi today. Imports fell 37 percent.”
  • “India this month signed a free trade accord with South Korea and the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations as it attempts to reduce dependence on the recession-hit U.S. and Europe, which account for 40 percent of the nation’s merchandise exports.”(1)
  • 2. Today, gay/lesbian rights activists eulogized Ted Kennedy, who opposed the “Defense of Marriage Act” of 1996 that sought to prevent gay/lesbian marriage. Shortly thereafter, the philistines at RCP=CIA also changed their program to remove gay/lesbian orientation as the only decadent one of capitalism, but not before we purged two secret RCP=CIA infiltrators for opposing gay rights. The Latino we purged never let on his support for the RCP=CIA line openly but raised out of the blue, “so what if we have to follow a white man” and raised that they did not have their own leaders.

    3. Iran said today that its own national security depends on Palestine.
    “[Foreign Minister] Mottaki also pointed out that Iran’s national interests were tied up with ‘the effort to obtain Palestinian rights.'”(3)

    4. Iran complained that a story about conventional arms shipments from Korea arose so the Zionist press could distract attention from Iranian cooperation with the IAEA.(4)

    5. In contrast with earlier polls cited in our last story on the subject, the I$raeli press now shows a wide difference in I$raeli perception of Obama compared with Bush Jr.(5) Not much has justified that, but we nonetheless hold out hope for Palestine/I$rael envoy George Mitchell.

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