Ask yourself why the Democrats F* up the Mideast peace

After recent stories that a Hamas trade of I$raeli prisoner Schalit for Palestinian prisoners was imminent, Hamas has now reported to several sources that it is not. Apparently I$rael will only commit to releasing 450 prisoners, not the second 550 on a timeline.

The breakdown comes in the midst of charges against Olmert, destruction of my emails by the Democrats in the past 24 hours and a fraudulent lawsuit brought by a bailout recipient against me since the time of Obama’s inauguration. That’s not to mention that my website has been downed by the Democrats since January.

Geez, I thought the Democrats had better things to do. Apparently not. Still, George Mitchell is a well-informed persyn. He knows the British side of things, not just the MSNBC corporate view with the DNC as its corporate subsidiary.

Meanwhile, “The South African government supports all international efforts to find lasting peace and security in the Middle East.” We hope the South Africans push hard. After all, the situations are quite similar. There was a lot of resistance for change in South Africa too.



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