Awwweee, Democrats and Zionists are upset are they?

1. Democrats again threaten to lie about my medical history. Awwe, just because I said I would not take any active steps toward a Democratic career?

All it will do is prove that there is a conspiracy. Lynching is judgment without procedure. There was no procedure and there’s nothing you can do about that now. You want to draw attention to yourself, you go right ahead “New York Times.” It’s called criminal conspiracy against civil rights.

2. My email was attacked as well today — with emails destroyed.

3. Today Olmert became the first premier to be indicted with anything, let alone the specific economic crimes charged.

“News of such investigations was a constant backdrop to Olmert’s three years in office. One long-running probe spurred Moshe Katsav to resign as president, a ceremonial position in Israel, while Mazuz’s office weighed evidence of rape, sexual harassment and indecent acts. Katsav was later indicted on those charges and is standing trial.”

I repeat: MIM will not be intimidated except to the point where our business is destroyed. Katsav said at the time the charges were for “external” or foreign considerations. These Olmert charges may be also.,0,7872537.story

4. The Democrats are undertaking a criminal conspiracy against my business as well.

5. Last week I mailed a letter to a Gitmo defense attorney about what the real motivations for certain aspects of the war on terror were.


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