Daily update

1. Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi visited with Libya in the wake of the Lockerbie suspect’s release to Libya.

He attended a road opening and the Italian air force gave Libyan leader Qadaffi a salute.(1) The event was significant in showing that Berlusconi was not adversely affected by the Anglo uproar over the Lockerbie bombing.

2. President Sarkozy of France has moved to cut bonuses to the financial industry, support restructuring of the G8 and end the reserve status of the dollar.(2)

3. Russia is taking the MIM line on Stalin in World War II, the handling of Nazism in the ex-Soviet Union and the nature of the national question/ethnic cleansing in the region.

Not really a high-ranking government official but nonetheless influential, Igor Panirin says the United $tates may be headed for a big crash in 2010. An aesopian speaker of diplomacy, Panirin says, “Obama has the mentality of a social worker.”(3) This is an aesopian admission and threat on Russian coordination with my lynchers.

Readers will notice that recently a certain pro-Gorbachev hack and Democrat local to Ann Arbor when I was appeared in an article next to Fidel Castro’s articles,(4) which is significant because Castro and Gorbachev headed “communist” parties with fraternal relations at the time of my lynching.

My enemies have already admitted on the Internet to carrying out a “doctors’ plot” against me. That’s a joke with reference to Soviet history.

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2. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/sarkozy-dollar-cant-be-sole-reserve-currency-2009-08-26
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4. “A few days ago The Guardian published an article by journalist Mark Weisbrot where he asserts that the coup in Honduras has exposed the division between President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”
Lazaro Fariñas,* “Hillary and Her Tripping up of Obama,” http://www.juventudrebelde.co.cu/columnists/2009-08-07/hillary-and-her-tripping-up-of-obama/


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