New York Times crap about the MIM

The “New York Times” is throwing around insinuations about the MIM to benefit the Democratic Party.

When MIM broke into cells, the Prison Ministry functioned. However, it had no MC head. There was no other original MC involved other than yours truly. Other cells out there had their own websites and arose independent of the original MC cell, as we had long advised.

Others had long since stopped activity including distribution or dues-paying. I was in charge of the website for MIM till the Democrats shut it down. The people who shut it down were working for Obama and rewarding a lynching.

Repeat: I have been the chair of the MIM, the persyn in charge of the web work, and the one who did almost all of the newspaper distribution including prison distribution the last several years. There had been a prison group doing mailings, but it was cost-ineffective and its members dispersed, some to other countries.

The breakup of MIM into cells was done publicly with articles on the web page explaining each step along the way.

The Democratic Party accepts people of whatever views, including the view that there are no exploited workers here. That does not make them MIM. You’d have to be pretty obtuse not to see the difference.


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