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Isaiah Berlin conference: Michael Walzer

September 30, 2009

I attended about 70% of the Isaiah Berlin conference at Harvard September 25th and 26th. In many ways, the conference was an amazing statement of accountability, right from the first Michael Walzer talk.

The discussants admitted that Cold War Liberal Berlin was not just a scholar, but a Zionist and British diplomat responsible for the careers of several Harvard scholars. We can think of some of the recent commemorations such as for diplomatic historian Ernest May as a peek into the Harvard-CIA kingdom, as if MIM were in a tight alley-way with the CIA and causing the CIA to cough up the keys. All of the CIA-invested scholars MIM has discussed before showed up and more.

The international proletariat can stand proud knowing that on September 25, 2009, philosopher Michael Walzer again had to speak about “utopianism”‘s dangers, and the “dictatorship of the proletariat.” It were as if the CIA trotted out the same old original Star Trek cast of the Cold War for an encore.

From the Berlin discussion, one would not know that communism died. For that matter, the Islamists can be proud because these same Liberals said that the radical Islamism replacing communism is even worse.

From our perspective, Walzer is more utopian than MIM. Adam Smith wrote about free trade more than two centuries ago, but it is still a pipe-dream — thanks to the rise of the labor aristocracy in the imperialist countries.

Walzer talked about freedom and choice in a country with the highest imprisonment rate, again because the labor aristocracy voted for it.

Walzer also echoed Berlinisms by saying Liberalism is “dull and safe.” Let me admit that a friend of mine said I only eat because I’m bored, so when the Liberals psychologize my being a communist as a need for thrills, they may have a little shred of something.

Nonetheless, it is Liberalism that is dull and dangerous, not scientific communism. It is Liberalism providing the justification for a global free market in weapons, including inevitably, nuclear weapons. It is supposedly Liberal Amerikkka that used those nuclear weapons as no other country has. It is Liberalism that thinks there is some “safe” option for corporate control of nuclear weapons, that we live under now. And it is Liberalism that started the wars on Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan while trying to blame scapegoats like myself for the reactions they bring on themselves in their wars. Often times we have to remind these Liberals that we are at war and they started it.

Liberals like Berlin mostly immune to quantitative reasoning of any kind advocate the dangerous state of living in a society with half its possible life expectancy — given that these Liberals opposed Stalin and Mao and Stalin and Mao doubled the life expectancies of their peoples.

It is also the dangerous pluralists dividing the oppressed nations and allowing I$rael to continue on course, in an ongoing if somewhat lower intensity version of the Algerian war.

And of course it was the cursed Liberals who caved on Iraq and jumped into Afghanistan thereby assuring that millions of Arabs and Muslims will have legitimate grudges to bear decades into the future. Who knows if the one to buy and set off a nuclear weapon has not already cut his or her teeth against the Amerikans in Baghdad.

Against all that, it was MIM that said the only sensible thing on 9/11. It was MIM explaining Clinton lies about weapons of mass destruction that Bush continued, while the Liberal media got it wrong. Yet it is us communists who are supposedly “dangerous.”

While the general tone of the Walzer discussion was co-optation, there was also an admission that at least with the situation of I$rael, no one can say what is the right degree of co-optation and hence the situation is inherently unstable.

By comparison with Berlin, Karl Popper was a social-democrat for “progressive empire.” He condemned Zionism. Hence, the Liberals show their “elasticity,” an idea not invented by Avakian but the upper reaches of the CIA running the intellectual warfare of the Cold War. As we now know the CIA recruited everyone from Hollywood to Popper type socialists to Trotskyists.

The admirers of Berlin admitted that Berlin got his views of “melting pot” topics from Counter-Enlightenment Herder. This was a concession to MIM’s attack on Berlin as leading to post-modernism and identity politics.

We must grant the Liberals one point — that the United $tates has a case for saying it has religious freedom, if one does not count the killing off of indigenous peoples and their religions. In other words, within a narrow class range, Amerikkkans are allowed the religion of their choice.

All other claims of the Cold War Liberals regarding liberty and freedom could not be more false, whether imprisonment, free trade issues or lies in the media generated by the state and leading to war. And as the world just saw, the 2008 election was pre-arranged by corporate media complete with lynching.

Given the delusional nature of Liberals, except possibly on the religion question where we will give them a 51% or higher grade, it is not surprising that they clamor as if not at war that they started. They believe there is a right to tell lies to ruin Palestinian diplomatic cards and then they wonder why there is “extremism.”

It is not extremist to fight for diplomatic cards. It is in fact a step toward peace in a polarized situation. What is “extremist” is fanatic Democrats and other fanatic Liberals using lynching toward such minor marginal ends. It is the spying on me, the using of the mafia, the conspiring of attorneys and the encouragement of post-modernism among ex-girlfriends who in some cases never said a negative word to me–that is the real extremism.

For the facts and their references in this article see the old MIM web page on spying and our FAQ.



Retreat from responsibility

September 30, 2009

Probably the best job if you can get it is just being cute. Then one need not have responsibility or authority. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston can manage the good life without power or responsibility.

The second possibility that is much more common is responsibility but no authority. People who pay taxes into the U.$. military machine often do not take much interest in politics and usually have no authority. Furthermore, some are “disempowered.”

The third dysfunctional or non-functional possibility is no responsibility, just authority. Herein lies the oppression of the ole’ boys’ network.

For centuries men have governed and interacted internationally. With that has gone the risk of war and imprisonment as well as a sense of commerce and diplomacy.

Less obvious is whether there is a feminist philosophy in the West that manages the transition to authority. We often see a retreat from authority or a retreat from responsibility.

When I passed out flyers in Harvard Square for a penny per flyer as a youth, I often had a reaction from people walking right through the main commerce zone as if it should be illegal. One wonders if these people have ever really thought about the implicit nature of the privilege of dealing with the public.

A similar phenomenon came with sending Jessica Lynch into combat. She went in with equal authority to other soldiers but when it came down to it, a large portion of the public could not take the responsibility she was bearing. When it came down to it, there was a double standard for soldiers.

The retreat from responsibility is dysfunctional. It is as if half-way into wimmin’s liberation, wimmin turn back, leaving wimmin’s liberation still-born. And the effect of this will be seen globally, not as dysfunction, but Amerikkkkan nationalism.

There are those who say we at MIM should be as unaccountable as our arch-enemies. They in effect say it is better to join the oppressive power structure. Yet there have been many examples of men who take responsibility, not just authority.

Soldiers, spies and even just post-modernists who reserve the right to lynch (make up stories) in an explosive situation need to take responsibility for their actions. We will find in the end that MIM opposed the imperialist wars, while our critics did not as they sabotaged the struggle.

News from Africa

September 30, 2009

1. Zimbabwe’s government has condemned Western sanctions and cozying up to the West politically as “the international community,”(1) which it is not.

MIM opposes rich country sanctions on Third World countries, except for sanctions on individual leaders.

2. Nigeria is now the world’s leader in anti-Amerikkkanism judging by one poll. 53% of Nigerians and 52% of Palestinians believe Osama Bin Laden will “do the right thing.”(2)


Mideast update

September 29, 2009

Hamas has called for the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) to meet regarding sacred relics in Jerusalem. There has been a provocation regarding the relics similar to what triggered the second rebellion of Palestinians known as the “Intifada.”(1)

Maybe the OIC can trade recognition of a “Jewish state” for the relics and a repartition of I$rael.

Meanwhile, on the 28th the French expressed interest in stabilizing Lebanon. Perhaps they will offer to take in those Palestinians there.(2) That would be a good way to go too.

Obama has said that Mideast envoy George Mitchell will report back to him on October 15th.(3)

In other news regarding I$rael, Britain has put off arresting Ehud Barak, the I$raeli Defense Minister for his role in the Gaza invasion, “Operation Cast Lead” that killed over 1000 Palestinians.(4) This reminds me of how my archenemies have at least metaphorically gone to Interpol with the hopes of tarnishing my individual reputation with fabrications. The imperialist system never had better friends than these archenemies of mine: they’re pigs contrary to what they try to pass themselves off as; yet the crime that needs to be put a stop to is conspiracy against civil rights. No one should make concessions to my enemies on my behalf.

In other philistine news, just when the Saudis are serving as the backbone of Arab solidarity with the Palestinians, just when the Foreign Minister had successful spine surgery and just when racist Democrats are clamoring to beat back the Arabs on I$rael’s behalf, a worker sued the Saudi Foreign Minister for more pay.(5) It seems like something the left-wing of parasitism would do to pressure the Saudis for I$rael and its an example again of why one needs the MIM line to priortize more important class struggles over others. We hope the suit ends soon.

1. ;

Iron Duke

September 28, 2009

The Amerikans are cooking up ways to serve up some more sexual humiliation of me. They fantasize this and that way of continuing 20 years of lynching. The international united front must proceed without concern for racist Democrats, CIA agents and pawns of I$rael. Just looking at how they entertain themselves, the Amerikans should not be taken seriously.

In the end of course it is mainly men who need to believe that females are all angelic, because if they had to think too much about the thoughts of their sex objects, they might find it hard to get aroused. The anarchists and post-modernists pushing the idea that there is no such thing as a bitch have only found another way of expressing the idea that only looks count.

Let me make it clear that there is not going to be reconciliation with war criminal Gordon England or torturer Lynndie England, who should have been convicted of rape, or any other of their ilk. They have had their chances.

I am confident in my position and I have enjoyed seeing where many people line up. The more that line up the better.

Let me admit having received a medium-run suggestion and a promise of half of what I wanted.

Jesse Jackson, not Obama; Howard Dean, not Avakian

September 28, 2009

For the U.$. press, the main defense of anything Obama does is that he is Black. However, if the Congress wanted, Jesse Jackson could be president, and he has a more in-depth resume on civil rights.

In other words, Democrats cannot escape all wrongdoing just by playing the race card. They can put in Jackson, so they should always use their critical abilities. There is no reason to retreat into overlooking war crimes and colonialism just because Obama is Black.

And you already have it from me that there is no defense of identities like mine where they exist only because of an imperialist war on Korea. I’m not right because of my identity, and nor is MIM correct because its foundation was a majority female and majority oppressed nationlity. We do not stress those facts lately both for reasons of opposing identity politics and because at this time through no fault of its own, MIM has to blow the whistle on rewarding racism with power. Through no fault of our own we have become intertwined into White House politics where the stakes are higher than in just discussing the identities of our founding members. No one is going to see any rewards one way or another in founding the MIM, but obviously when one is talking about the White House, one has to be wary of reward patterns.

Years ago we told the pseudo-Maoists following Avakian that their real chair was Howard Dean and he was better than Avakian. The reason is that Howard Dean is an in-the-open bourgeois.

We still believe Howard Dean is better than Avakian. This again is another way of demonstrating that different issues should not be confused. People who like Democrats should be Democrats. We Maoists should not let them confuse us and the international united front via infiltration.

We’ve already shown that the closing of Gitmo and the Afghanistan war are connected up with political wrongdoing among elites. For that matter, if there is a CIA torture case to prosecute, one has to consider how the political liabilities of the White House may set that back as well.

Speaking of museums

September 26, 2009

Again, I can’t take any blame for stuff being raised in the old boys’ network. I can’t even keep up with the blizzard of Aesopian material.

I have always been direct. In the now infamous “coupon” incident, I got along with the majority of people, believe it or not. So we should not stereotype me. In fact, I wrote a love letter years later to one of the people involved. I distinguish between people who struggle to your face and backstabbing. In fact, my success in winning over the majority in the coupon incident should give you insight into what I was hoping for others, who it turns out, never struggled.

Regarding another matter, if people want to reprocess a certain problem, then they should go back to the summer of 2008 and think what it looked like to me. Someone was talking about dissidents being killed. And think about the employment background and professional skills involved. In the following topic, I thought I saw someone taking responsibility for a hit. That turned out wrong, but boy what timing, and again, another example of why the racist power structure’s means of communicating even when fully utilized is disastrous. It just so happened a bad coincidence happened in the summer of 2008 thanks to the Aesopian way of communicating. It was my mistake, but I can’t take the blame, neither for the mode of communication nor the fact that people with hidden lethal motives were in fact participating.

Me in the imperialist class again?

September 26, 2009

Because of some Third World websites I respect as having some interests apart from U.$. imperialism, I’m going to admit that there appears to be some discussion of reintroducing me into the imperialist class. I have also noted a number of global actions pointing in that direction.

There are risks of reintroducing me into the imperialist class, but there are also risks of not taking me. I sympathize with the diplomats while I maintain some of my positions that make their life difficult.

I’ll be writing a review of Harvard discussion this weekend of Isaiah Berlin later, but suffice it to say that the upper reaches of the bourgeois superstructure have been on display. People such as myself are conceived of as window-dressing for Liberalism. We are to be used to re-stabilize the system. This is only conceivable as up for discussion because I myself do not see colonialism in the category of other problems.

There is fretting about my reconciling with enemies and there is paternalism out there regarding my best interests. The question is whether this topic is worse than the alternative courses of action that are going to happen.

All I can say is what will it be next time, a race riot to elect Biden or Romney? I think Arab and Muslim people inside U.$. borders more than anyone have to have a sense that you don’t keep pushing this envelope and rewarding certain things. Ironically, Amerikan Jews also have to have a substantial degree of this concern, if not 100% of my level of concern, then at least 20% which is still very high.

Repartition of I$rael coming?

September 26, 2009

In recognizing a “Jewish state,” Obama may be right that the Palestinians and I$raelis should talk about issues they don’t usually talk about.

Specifically, if I$rael were to accept withdrawal to the 1967 lines, plus 20% of the remaining territory, plus maybe another 2% for refugees in Lebanon for a total of 1967 plus 22%, I believe Palestinians should recognize a serious offer and ask the Amerikans and Brits to take in some refugees and bribe off the rest, $20,000 a year for a family of four.

I recognize that another serious consideration would be splitting all the territory roughly in half in line with demographic realities and maybe even leaving I$rael with the minority of overall territory. I won’t say I’m opposed to that idea of a two-state solution, but if I$rael offers 1967 plus 22%, I see that as within range of what should be acceptable for recognition of a “Jewish state,” a certain minimum offer, which if made I see as putting Palestinians in a position of responding. When I say “Jewish state” here, I mean with the internal Arab-I$raeli minority placed in the new Palestinian state.

Because I don’t really believe in a two-state solution strategically since I’m interested in the dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations generally, I raise this point more in terms of destabilizing my own chances of going into the imperialist class. I think if I$rael makes such an offer, there is no need or point of reinstalling me into the imperialist class. I think such an offer by itself should calm Palestinians considerably.

Who stands in the way again: Afghanistan

September 25, 2009

Turmoil brews in Britain over the political bullshit of the U.$. Democrats and Republicans. Now Major-General Andrew Mackay has resigned and the media predicts more to come.

Yet at this time, who is in the way of the work MIM has done to destroy the myths connected to the Afghanistan war? Who is determined to ruin my persynal reputation bourgeois-politics, persynality-cult style, in some cases even while saying they don’t? Who has spent the last five years trying to play a career card at the expense of thousands dead in imperialist wars in the Mideast?

It is the very same people who did not see the financial crisis coming, because they believed that Amerikan class struggle was principal or maybe the womyn question. Instead of admitting their role working with Strasserite fascists over years of time, they lie and go deeper into revisionist cover.

Know the counterrevolutionaries by the role they play in holding back the struggle. Let them come out in the open instead of working through racist channels. Let them take action on behalf of the international united front instead of always working as obstacles to the real revolutionary struggle of the Third World.