False peace reports exposed

The press had given much attention to the idea that Obama would meet with I$raeli leader Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Abbas at the UN September 25. It turns out that Fatah has no plans of the meeting, because I$rael has shown inadequate signs of being serious about peace negotiations.

The latest AFP article on the subject mentions the United $tates and I$rael but not the Palestinians in their stand on having a summit September 25 at the UN. The Palestinian stance is available on one of the Fatah’s websites.(1)

MIM would add that the Democrats are too pro-I$rael for Abbas to go back to peace negotiations empty-handed. The Democrats seek to waste more time as has happened since the Madrid Conference back in 1991.

MIM had already reported on the collapse of the deal for Schalit that was erroneously reported in the media. I$raeli Defense Minister Barak says they will not accept a deal at “any price.”(2)

The European Union Foreign Minister Javier Solana is making the rounds of the Mideast.(3) Perhaps he will be able to deliver on the remaining issues preventing either an interim peace agreement or an acceptance of the Arab Peace Initiative.

In other news, the Palestinian Authority accused I$rael of deliberately neglecting Palestinian prisoner health and called for the release of some especially ill prisoners.(4)

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