Libyan leader and African Union president: cut diplomatic ties to I$rael

On August 31, the president of the African Union, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi called for African unity against the designs of I$rael and the superpowers.(1) It was a firm rebuke of those claiming to be in the international united front but more loyal to the Democratic Party than the international united front.

Elsewhere in the world, there continues to be confusion about U.$. domestic politics. Behind slogans opposing “religious fundamentalism” and “religious extremism,” the left-wing of parasitism attacked both Bush Jr. and Hamas/Hezbollah/Al-Qaeda. There continue to be those confused by the fact that Obama considers himself not fundamentalist and not religious extremist.

The political formula opposing “religious extremism,” “religious fundamentalism” and “reinforcing poles” is designed to put a Democrat in power and continue the war against “religious extremism” through attacks on Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is via the old Trotskyist myth that advanced workers of the West will rise up and set their backward colonial brothers straight. That is how they plan on resolving the “contradiction” between the supposedly backward poles, which are really nothing but misnamed contrasts between imperialism and the oppressed nations.

The Kasama splinter pretends to understand this from MIM and correct their mistake, but not really. They also accept members for war on Iran. They’re simply too unprincipled to conduct purges.




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