I$raeli Foreign Minister moves to counter Libya

Arab-I$raeli basher Avigdor Lieberman moved to counter the president of the African Union Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for calling for withdrawing diplomatic relations with I$rael yesterday.(1) Moving in concert with Lieberman were the Obama administration and Gordon Brown’s former dissident cabinet member, Jacqui Smith.(2)

Smith criticized Brown, because “the bomber had been able to return home ‘in a way in which his victims were not.'”(2) This refers to the Lockerbie bomber Britain just released to Libya and the subject of major stories in England and the United $tates.

The pro-Zionist U.S. State Department chimed in with Lieberman,

“Philip ‘PJ’ Crowley, chief spokesman for the US State Department, has taken the unusual step of airing a disagreement with Britain in public. ‘Over the ensuing ten years the US did not change its position but the UK did,’ he told The Times. ‘It’s really up to the UK to explain its current position.'”(2)

Lieberman set off on a tour of Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana, the first Africa tour for an I$raeli Foreign Minister in 20 years.(1)

P.S. On September 2, the Obama administration continued to attack Britain over the Libyan prisoner release. Black female Susan Rice led the way in attacking Libya: “‘his is a very raw and sensitive subject for all Americans, having lost … our compatriots in a terrorist act.'”(3) Meanwhile, British Tories and local conservatives joined the Obama attack on Brown:

“For the Scottish Conservatives, Bill Aitken said the decision by Mr MacAskill to free the Libyan was a ‘mistake of international proportions.’ He said: “I also believe the Brown government thought that Mr Megrahi would be released, should be released and was giving nudges and winks to the Libyans that that would be the case. The plot thickens – deals were clearly being done.”(3)

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