British military getting fed up with political bullshit

Just as Gordon Brown was going to make a speech on Afghanistan, Eric Joyce described as “parliamentary aide to defence secretary Bob Ainsworth” quit. Joyce said of the United $tates:

“For many, it seems that Britain fights; Germany pays; France calculates; Italy avoids. If the US is seen as valuing each of these approaches equally then I think they may well end up shouldering the burden themselves.”(1)

This is an example of contradictions among the imperialists MIM reported on a short while back.

From MIM’s perspective, if Jacqui Smith wants to side with the Amerikkkans, as she just did on Libya, maybe she should volunteer to fight in Afghanistan. Instead, when she was Home Secretary, she took the unprecedented (for Britain) step of allowing the holding of prisoners 42 days without trial.

“Smith was selected to stand for election for Labour through an all-women shortlist.[6] This method of selection was subsequently declared illegal in January 1996 as it breached sex discrimination laws.[7] Despite the ruling she remained in place as the candidate for the following year’s election.”(2)

This is an example of something wrong about some examples of female entry into politics: always take the fearful side as in Smith’s complaints about Libya and her detention policies; yet, let men do the disproportionate share of war fighting and in the U.$. case, allow massive discrimination in arrest rates, against males.

Although Amerikkka’s sidekick in the “free world” Britain leads Europe in imprisonment rates the way the United $tates leads the whole world, Britain is only third in Europe in female imprisonment rates, with only 6% of all British prisoners being female.(3)

When men move to make peace, some females like Jacqui Smith complain, move to detain more men as “terrorist” and send the rest to war. At that point fear, war and prison become gender roles. We do not want gender roles: we want real feminism. We have to draw the line against these females who block the diplomatic road to peace.



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